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Video Instructions for 25 Easy Hairstyles You Can Create In Seconds!
Say Goodbye to Your Elastic Bands and Damaged Hair!

hair accessories that are fun to wear!
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Pony O™ (13 styles)
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Bun Barz™ (12 styles)

Pony O ™ and Bun Barz™
Hair Accessories you will love to wear. Your hair will thank you.
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Non Damaging!

Easy Hair Styles!

Any Hair Type!

We've invested more than 28 years and countless hours creating hair accessories that women and children love to wear! Our newest line of Pony O™ and Bun Barz™ are constructed of soft, durable, silicone, with a malleable metal insert. Our innovative design and the way you shape our products, won't pull or constrict your hair like an elastic band! It doesn't matter if you're working out at the gym, or looking for a new style to wear to work. Pony O™ and Bun Barz™ will be the only hair accessory you will ever need! Our accessories are designed to last hundreds of uses without the use of elastics, bobby pins, barrettes, or hairspray! You can throw all of that other stuff away! Create a Red Carpet Ponytail in seconds! Or a French Twist! Need a Ballet Bun or Fashionable Big Bun? No problem! We've got the hairstyles you want and need. Feel the need for bling? Add our unique Bling Ringz to six Pony O™ styles for a night out! Easy to follow video instructions, or printable instructions help you create styles in seconds. And don't forget to download our FREE APP for your Apple or Android devices. We think you will love the way our hair accessories feel! If not, send it back to us within 30 days!

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