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M-L Black & Dark Blonde PONY-Os are Excluded from sale.


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$12.00 USD $8.00 USD

Designer PONY-O

$12.00 USD $8.00 USD

Looks 100% thicker and fuller, lifting your ponytail without damaging or creasing your hair!

I love mine so much! Definitely makes my fine hair have way more volume than with a traditional pony band. They're worth the investment! — Jenny

Stays tight, lifting the weight of your hair so that it feels like nothing in your hair!

Absolutely in LOVE! I was a bit skeptical at first but the PONY-O has surprised me! My hair is very thick and I needed something that wouldn’t give me headaches and would stay in all day and this delivered!! — Danielle

Holds comfortably without pulling. Comes out without ripping or flattening your curl!

I was hesitant to try these because I have curly hair. They are fantastic!! They stay without flattening my curls and I sleep in them and my hair takes a lot less work in the morning. I love these!!! — Janay