Here Are Our Staff’s Favorite PONY-O Products!

Here Are Our Staff’s Favorite PONY-O Products!

We love sharing new hairstyles and products with all of you! As the ones who create and market our innovative products every day, the staff at PONY-O definitely have their favorites! 

Get to know our incredible (and knowledgable) staff and learn more about their favorite products below.

Meet Valerie Tate

Valerie is our amazing Customer Service Manager and is the sweetest person on the planet. If you have an issue with shipping or a product, she’s the one who helps you get everything in order and makes sure you’re satisfied with our service!

Valerie loves using a Black BUN BARZ to create a classic bun with her darker hair. For ponytails, her favorite PONY-O colors are Plum and Black, and she loves the PolkaDot Designer PONY-O on more playful days! To dress it up, Valerie recommends the new Gun Metal Stud BLING RING and Celtic Pearl PINZ.

Valerie’s Faves

Meet Marriah Bray

Teaming up with Valerie for a quality customer service experience is our girl, Marriah! She really rocks PONY-O hairstyles with her gorgeous long hair, and we love seeing how she styles it every day at the office.

Keeping things classy with a ponytail is definitely Marriah’s vibe, so she likes to use simple but vibrant PONY-O colors like Silver Metallic or Red for everyday hairstyles. We love these choices too, and they’re especially perfect for the holidays! 

Marriah’s Faves:

Meet Tara Johnston

We want to ensure every PONY-O order is packed with the utmost care and love — and that’s what Tara does as our Fulfillment Supervisor! She does such an amazing job making sure all orders are packed correctly and getting them out to our wonderful customers so efficiently.

Since she handles all the different PONY-O products every day, Tara is well versed in our various styles and has an amazing list of favorites! To keep her hair up and out of the way while she works, Tara loves using classic PONY-Os in Emerald, Sapphire, or Brick. If she’s going for more of a standout look, Tara likes either the zebra Designer PONY-O or the Diamond or Coin BLING RINGZ in Gunmetal.

Tara’s Faves:

Meet Edward Shoemaker

We’re so appreciative of everything Edward does as Operations Manager to keep things running smoothly in the warehouse. Although he doesn’t have the hair for it, Edward is still a huge fan of PONY-O and loves sharing our products with his friends and family who can use them.

Edward loves classic PONY-Os in bright colors like Lilac, Sapphire, Red, and Brick. He also thinks the new Ruby Oval PINZ are so unique and classy!

Edward’s Faves:

What’s Your Favorite PONY-O Product?

We have so many amazing colors, patterns, and styles of products that it’s hard to choose just a couple to call our favorites! We’d love to see what you’re loving lately as well. Post a photo of you wearing your favorite PONY-O product on Instagram and tag us so we can give you some love!

Meet More PONY-O Fans:

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