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PONY-O Revolutionary Hair Tie Alternative Ponytail Holders - 2 Pack Original Patented Hair Styling Accessories - PONY-O for All Hair Types

PONY-O Revolutionary Hair Tie Alternative Ponytail Holders - 2 Pack Original Patented Hair Styling Accessories - PONY-O for All Hair Types

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for fine to average thickness hair
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  • REVOLUTIONARY HAIR TIE ALTERNATIVE – Designed in the USA, PONY-O revolutionary ponytail holder is a perfect replacement for conventional and boring hair ties that you have been using your entire life. NOTE: The usage of PONY-O is completely different from traditional elastic hair ties. Please watch the instruction videos before using them and don't hesitate to contact us if you face any issues.
  • HOLDS YOUR HAIR SECURELY ALL DAY LONG – Thanks to the pure copper core and interlocking silicone bumps on the inner side, PONY-O is designed to securely hold your hair throughout the day without pulling or creasing your hair. No more sliding down while working, traveling, exercising, or playing sports. Comes with a booklet and links to endless styling videos for your specific hair type.
  • PONY-O LOVES YOUR HAIR – Coated with soft silicone, PONY-O holds stronger than 8 conventional hair ties and quickly adds volume to your ponytail without damaging, snagging, or creasing your hair. Great for red carpet ponytails, graduation parties, weddings, proms, yoga practices, dance parties, and more. Choose your favorite color from the wide range of colors available.
  • SIZING GUIDE – Whether you have long, short, fine, thick, curly, or straight hair; we have a PONY-O for you. Choose Small size for super fine or sections of hair for styling, Medium size works for almost all hair types, and X-Large for super thick or heavy hair. Check out the Size Guide video to select the best size for your hair type.
  • ORIGINAL PATENTED PONY-O – At PONY-O, we’ve been creating, testing, and perfecting our products for over 30 years. PONY-O is patented worldwide and made of the highest quality materials, lasting 100s of uses with proper care. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you face any issues with your purchase, and we will fix them for you.

Details: This is THE ORIGINAL, high-quality, patented PONY-O, with a solid copper core. Our unique patented hair accessories are a game-changer for anyone with hair and/or hair extensions! Designed in the USA, the PONY-O replaces conventional, outdated, damaging ponytail holders such as elastic hair ties, stretchy telephone cords, hair bands, claw clips and hair clips and pins. Nicol Harvie, the inventor of PONY-O products, designed the original product for herself, realizing that there was a real need for a ponytail holder that was comfortable, secure, comfortable and non-damaging, Nicol patented her products and made them available people with hair all over the world! PONY-O's last hundreds of uses, and costs about 1 to 2 cents a wear. Your hair will love PONY-O too! BENEFITS FOR YOUR HAIR TYPE: THIN/FINE hair will look 100% thicker, full of volume! You will see an instant difference. The PONY-O stays in place without breaking or damaging soft fine hair, and will never rip or pull when you take it out. THICK hair will stay secure and comfortable all day, lifting and holding the weight of your hair. Much stronger than any other hair tie on the market, thick hair feels weightless in the PONY-O. CURLY hair will not get flattened or get caught in your PONY-O. The unique design prevents damage and breakage. SHORT hair we do care! PONY-O offers a variety of surprisingly easy style ideas for your short hair, and because of the width PONY-O holds those short layers back that hair ties miss. The PONY-O is a culmination of 35 years of hard work and innovation. Thanks to our unique approach and years of customer feedback, we are transforming the beauty industry, one ponytail holder at a time. We believe that all hair accessories should be comfortable, secure, non-damaging and easy to use. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and high quality products as well as easy to follow directions for endless beautiful styles that keep up with the current trends.

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