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Family Pack

Family Pack

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Save big on the Family Pack in 3 colors and two sizes. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, this package includes 2 PONY-O's, 2 Smaller PONY-O's, 2 BUN BARZ, and 2 instructional booklets. Select your size.
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Why you will love PONY-O products!

1. Easy to use

Our products are designed to go into your hair in seconds and stay comfortably all day!

2. Every hair type

PONY-O's and BUN BARZ are designed to hold any hair type!

3. Happy, healthy hair

Never rip, break or crease your hair & they feel so light it's like nothings there!

4. Saves $$$$

Designed to last 100’s of uses & with no damaged hair there's fewer salon visits!


Secure your hair with your PONY-O first and then watch the video for more detail.

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