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All 3 size's PONY-O Pack

All 3 size's PONY-O Pack

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This combination of three sizes of high-quality PONY-Os in hair blending colors makes your choice easy. Different sizes are used for different styles and to achieve more or less fullness to your style or a lighter or stronger hold for different activities. This package comes with one small, a medium and a large PONY-O in the colors as shown.
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4 Reasons why women love PONY-O

1. Easy to use

Apply it to your hair in seconds. Two bends and it’s in!

2. Every hair type

Fine hair look 100% thicker. Thick hair holds comfortably without sagging.

3. Happy, healthy hair

Never rip, break or crease your hair & they feel so light it's like nothings there!

4. Saves you money

Designed to last 100’s of uses.

Fewer trips to the salon.


Different sizes are for different amounts of hair. Smalls for small portions of hair and XL for a lot of hair. Watch the video for more detail.

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