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Say goodbye to ordinary ponytails and hello to extraordinary style with our BLING RINGZ and PONY-O set. BLING RINGZ elevate your PONY-O style with effortless elegance and style without the fuss. 

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Why you will LOVE this BLING set

1. Easy to use

Both the PONY-O and BLING RINGZ pop in in seconds!

2. ALL hair types

Designed for all hair types and accents any style!

3. Versatile

The BLING are worn over the PONY-O in any style or on your wrist!

4. Saves $$$$

Totally non-damaging to your hair and they last 100's of uses.

How to Bling

Bling rings are super easy to use and can be worn over the PONY-O or on your wrist as a braclett. Watch this video for more detail.

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