We're a small, woman-owned company, dedicated to creating patented hair accessories that are lightweight, comfortable, secure, and non-damaging. Experience effortless style for mere pennies per wear.


Why you will love PONY-O


1. Easy to use

Goes on in seconds. Feed your hair through once, two bends and your done!

2. ALL hair types

Fine hair look 100% thicker. Holds thick hair comfortably without sagging.

3. Happy, healthy hair

Never rip, break or crease your hair & they feel so light it's like nothings there!

4. Saves $$$$

Designed to last 100’s of uses & with no damaged hair there's fewer salon visits!

  • Save up to 15% on single pieces


    Save up to 15% on single pieces


  • Save up to 40% on 2 piece sets


    Save up to 40% on 2 piece sets


  • Save up to 50% on our most popular bundles!


    Save up to 50% on our most popular bundles!


Questions & Answers

The PONY-O and BUN BARZ are patented, bendable hair accessories that are designed to be comfortable, secure AND non-damaging no matter your hair type or texture. Watch this video for a brief description and demonstration of our unique patented products.(Click on the PLAY BUTTON ON THE VIDEO )

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PONY-O products are a little different from your ordinary hair tie (thank goodness for that!) so they will take a little getting used to as Tina B says in her 5 star Trustpilot review. Scroll down to watch a video of unsolicited reviews from our customers. (Click on the video prompt below and then Click the PLAY BUTTON ON THE VIDEO )

"It took me a few days to actually get used to not feeling anything or any tightness on my ponytail ... but once I got used to it, I ordered 4 more and another BLING RING... Trust this, if you give it a chance you will really love PONY-O! It lifts your hair and it looks SOO MUCH thicker! I will never be without these again, and I absolutely love the BLING RINGZ!! They turn a casual ponytail into a dressy hairstyle and let me tell you the BUN BAR was no different: I have hair down to my waist and it just took me a few tries and now I love it too! You really have to get used to not feeling your hair being pulled tight but it's tight you just don't feel it, I wrote them off too quick, so don't do that! Trust me: you will love the comfort and extra volume."

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PONY-O hair accessories are designed to last hundreds of uses costing pennies per wear, unlike elastic and plastic hair ties that break and lose their shape after a few wears. With our unique non-damaging design, it feels like nothing is in your hair. You’ll never experience the heartache of hair headaches or broken, damaged hair. That means healthier hair, fewer trips to the salon and good hair every day!

Our hair accessories are constructed of recyclable vegan products, so not only are they better for your hair AND your wallet; they’re better for the planet! And that’s worth a lot!

PONY-O Brand Story. About the inventor and the story behind PONY-O bendable hair ties.

A message from Nicol

I invented my very first hair accessory for myself in my twenties. Regular hair ties gave me awful migraines and wreaked havoc on my thick, long, curly hair. My invention quickly took over my life. I wasn't alone in feeling frustrated with the generic hair accessories on the market.

My mission became crystal clear: Offer hair accessories that are incredibly comfortable (almost like wearing nothing), super secure, non-damaging, and easy to use. What started in my garage, soon led to traveling across the globe, showcasing my creations at trade shows and even appearing on home shopping channels.

Over the years, I've tested my patented inventions on hundreds of thousands of people with all kinds of hair types. In 2018, we finally made the leap and began selling online where our sales exploded worldwide!

Every day, my team and I strive to deliver top-quality products, exceptional service, and groundbreaking solutions in a continuing effort to revolutionize the hair accessory market.

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