Dark haired female wearing a half ponytail created with a medium dark brown PONY-O for fine to normal hair.


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Perfect ponytails


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For super thick hair


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Big soft beautiful buns

Female with long dark hair wearing a square shaped silver color BLING RINGZ with sparkles. Hair is tied up with PONY-O, not included with the purchase of BLING RINGZ.


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Accessorize your PONY-O


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Accent up your style!

Beautiful Designer Prints

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For a ponytail that pops!

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Join the millions of women worldwide who have switched to PONY-O. Our revolutionary, patented designs hold securely in all hair types without pulling, damaging or creasing your beautiful hair.

Side by side before and after photo of a female in front of a graffiti wall, with fine blonde hair. One image is a droopy ponytail created with an elastic hair tie; the other image shows a perky high ponytail created with a medium blonde PONY-O.


Fine hair looks thick and feels full instantly. Stays in place all day without creasing or damaging your hair.


"I have fine thin hair and it works great! It's much gentler on my hair than hair
ties. It gives more volume and lift to my hair. I highly recommend PONY-O!!"
Rachelle G

Recommended Sizes

PONY-O Small for sections or very fine hair

PONY-O Medium for fuller looking ponytails & styles

BUN BARZ for BIG beautiful buns

BLING RINGZ are worn over to PONY-O

Female with long gray and black hair, secured in a half-up ponytail with a white PONY-O. Her face is painted with the words "The Future."


Thick hair feels lighter and weightless all day. It lifts your hair and holds it in place without headaches.


"I love this thing! I have thick hair. Ponytails
usually kill my head after a few hours. This holds its place even chasing my two year old. Super comfortable I forget it's in!"
Ashley B

Recommended Sizes

PONY-O Large for all up styles

PONY-O XL for super thick hair

PONY-O XLSlim for sections of hair

BUN BARZ for beautiful buns

BLING RINGZ to dress up your PONY-O

Female with very curly and long dark hair. Curl is a tight corkscrew style. Hair is in a half-up ponytail secured with the Large PONY-O.


It never flattens your curl. It stays in place without tension. It never rips your hair when you take it off.


They're awesome! I have fine, curly hair and PONY-Os held my hair perfectly, naturally curly and even when it's flat ironed! Definitely happy with this product" Joel L

Recommended Sizes

PONY-O Medium for hair that is shorter/finer

PONY-O Large for fuller curly hair all up

PONY-O XLSlim for sections

Designers or BLING RINGZ for a dressier look