The PONY-O™ Story

Hi! I'm Nicol, inventor of the PONY-O™, BUN BARZ™and other PONY-O products.

My first invention was something I invented for myself, because I couldn’t stand to wear elastics in my curly hair, and there wasn’t anything else available on the market. I created my latest innovation, the PONY-O, with my partner, Beth. We believe the PONY-O has the potential to revolutionize the hair accessory industry.

My unique accessories hold every hair type and thickness, without tension on the follicle! When you feed your hair through the PONY-O and shape it, there’s no constriction on your ponytail (which means no annoying crease)! Open the PONY-O back into its circle shape, and it slides out without damaging your hair! It's one of the most comfortable hair accessories you will ever wear!

I have been inventing and patenting hair accessories for many years. My products are tried and true. I have demonstrated my accessories on more than 700,000 women, children and men's hair, and they all say the same thing: “It feels like nothing in my hair.” Even if you only wear your hair in a ponytail, I promise it will be THE most comfortable and secure ponytail you’ll ever have. Give the PONY-O a try today! And if you like buns, BUN BARZ are a must have!