PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Chic Half Up Hairstyles With the Small PONY-O

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Chic Half Up Hairstyles With the Small PONY-O

Chic Half Up Hairstyles With the Small PONY-O

We’ve covered everything from fuller looking ponytails to elegant hair buns, but what's a girl do when she’s can’t make up her mind whether to wear her hair up or down? It's easy! Go for half-up hairstyles!

The hottest hairstyle trend today is not the classic up-do, or the favorite ponytail, but a combination of the two: half-up hairstyles! While the half-up is extremely popular right now, it's never really gone out of style. It's probably one of the most feminine ways to wear your hair. It's the perfect style for nights out, work, and even on your wedding day!

The half-updo is a great hairstyle for a number of reasons! Not only is it incredibly effortless and easy to make, it’s the ultimate bad hair day style for second-day hair! It also helps keep your hair out of your face! The Small PONY-O is perfect for any half-up style you want to wear.



Your hair type doesn't matter when it comes to wearing half-up styles. Whether your hair is thick or fine, long or short, straight or curly, there's absolutely no reason to not wear it half-up. The Small PONY-O is slimmer than the original PONY-O. Designed specifically for fine hair, it's also PERFECT for half-up styles. Of course, for a fuller look, you can stick with the original PONY-O.

The PONY-O Difference

Our innovative patented design helps you create hairstyles that will stay gorgeous all day long. No ponytail crease at the end of the day like you get from elastics, and no breakage or damage at all! 

When you feed your hair through the PONY-O and shape it, whatever is inside stays securely, even if it's only a small section of hair. The difference between the PONY-O and elastic hair ties is this:

  • Your hair looks thicker and fuller. Perfect for half the hair.
  • Your hair isn't constricted inside, so no breakage! Awesome.
  • Your hair isn't ripped out or twisted around the PONY-O. Taking it out is easy and pain free!


The PONY-O is easy to use:

  1. Using your thumb and forefinger only, feed your hair through the PONY-O.
  2. Letting go of your ponytail, use both hands to hold the PONY-O close to your head. This helps to keep your ponytail secure.
  3. Use your thumbs and bend down each end of the PONY-O separately. DO NOT bend the PONY-O ONCE IN THE MIDDLE. It will not hold.

TIP: For a more secure hold, bend the ends a little more. If you pull on your ponytail to tighten it, that will open and loosen the PONYy-O.

Check out these videos of some super cute and super easy hairstyles using PONY-O! And why not order yours here?


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