Half up hairstyle created with PONY-O ponytail holders

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Easy Half-Up Bubble Bun Hairstyle

Easy Half-Up Bubble Bun Hairstyle with PONY-O

Picture this with me: you're up and ready to face the day ahead, except for one thing: you haven't decided what to do with your hair! Whether to wear your hair up or down can be a tough decision, especially if you're in between hair washes. 

There's no need to add stress to your already busy day. We are here to help with all things involving hair! It's kind of our specialty. So when you're having a hard time making a choice, go with having it all. (That's good advice for life, in general). Choose a gorgeous, half-up hairstyle like our Half-Up Bubble Bun, created with PONY-O ponytail holders! 

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It's very trendy way to show your uniqueness! Half-up hairstyles are very popular right now, and I can think of a couple of reasons why: 1. It's winter, and it feels nice to have some hair down to keep your neck warm, especially on snow days like we have today in beautiful Colorado. 2. Half-up hairstyles will work on just about any hair length and hair texture! So it doesn't matter if your hair is fine or thick, long or short, curly or straight, maybe even a combination of them all! This half-up hairstyle will look great on you.

Here's a side note: Half-up hairstyles are also a great option if you have really thick hair, giving a little bit of relief to your follicles. Of course, our PONY-O products never give you a "hair-headache" thanks to our unique, patented design. 

Sometimes referred to as a Folded Bun or Bubble Bun, this is also a very versatile style, and we do love some versatility in life. You can wear it half-up, all up, on top of your head, or in a low bun. The technique is the same no matter which one you choose.


Maybe work isn't all you have planned for your day. It's also a great choice for going from the office to dinner out. You can even kick it up a notch by enhancing the style with one of our decorative PINZ or BLING RINGZ!

The small PONY-O (Brick color) was featured for this style. We suggest using the XL Slim if you have super thick hair. You could use the Classic PONY-O if that's all you happen to have, but the smaller PONY-Os are best for sections of your hair.


The PONY-O is 100 percent non-damaging

It's easy to use, and that means you'll have more time in your day. Our accessories are comfortable, secure, crease-free and non-damaging. Plus, they're eco-friendly and designed to last hundreds of uses, as opposed to heading for the landfill after one use; that's better for your wallet and better for the planet. With benefits galore, we hope you'll agree that PONY-O is worth every penny.

Where can you buy PONY-O? Our products aren't available in stores, but you can click the shop now button to go directly to our website.

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