PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Three beautiful, easy styles for the Holidays.

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Three beautiful, easy styles for the Holidays.

Since we're all about hair (like gurus), we have a lot of ideas for fuss-free, beautiful styles, because PONY-O is more than just the perfect ponytail holder. What’s even better? Our styles are easy and specifically created by us for our unique, patented products!

Each of these 3 styles are created with the Classic PONY-O for all of the hair (XL if you have super thick hair). You won't need damaging pins or elastics. We suggest using a neutral color PONY-O similar to your hair so it blends in.

Three beautiful Holiday hairstyles created with PONY-O

For the first style, a gorgeous low ponytail, Shannon used our NEWEST Bling Ring, the Pyramid Stud, to dress up her PONY-O, available in four colors. This Bling will be the perfect compliment to your Pyramid Stud purse or jacket! Any of our Bling collection would be beautiful for this Holiday ponytail. If you want the Bling to completely cover the PONY-O, we suggest using the smaller size.

For the middle style, Shannon used our NEWEST PINZ, the multi-colored Plume, to accent the Braided Bun. We have a variety of new PINZ that would be equally as beautiful, like the Ruby or Black Oval. The Oval has an antique Holiday vibe and would be the perfect accent to your outfit.

The third style, a stunning Low Bubble Bun, was accessorized with another NEW item, the super popular Capri Blue PINZ. I can also picture the Fan PINZ, a collection of small pearls attached to a non-damaging hair pin, being worn with this style.

For detailed video instruction on creating these beautiful AND easy hairstyles, go here.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you: support@ponyo.com


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