Pony-O creates the perfect high ponytail for golf!

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How-To Wear the PONY-O for Golf

How-To Pony-O: Golf

Ponytails have become the most popular style for girls and women of all ages, from the Board Room to the golf course! But we face extra an extra challenge when playing sports that most men don’t have to face.

Take golf for example: not only do we think about our shoes, gloves, clothing, ball, and clubs, but we also face the challenge of pulling our hair back so it’s not in our face! Unless you have a short hair, or wear a visor, tying your hair up is the only solution to keep your hair from blocking your vision. Wearing your hair up is also a must when it’s hot outside!

 Pony-O: A Hole-In-One For Your Hair!

 What’s the most exciting event in golf? A Hole-In-One! What’s the newest, most revolutionary hair accessory on the market? The Pony-O! Why adjust your ponytail after every swing? Take strokes off your game by tying your hair back with the Pony-O.

 Sweat Proof & Waterproof

I’m a golfer, so I know those days on the course can be hot and sweaty! Pony-O is 100% sweatproof and waterproof. It also comes out of wet hair with ease, no more ripping or tearing your hair.

 Holds All Day

Pony-O’s revolutionary design was created to hold any hair type comfortably and securely all day. Pony-O is up to any challenge: dance, run, dive into the ocean, or play golf all day long. By simply tying your hair up once with Pony-O, you can focus on your golf game instead of your hair!

How To Create The Perfect Golfing Ponytail With Pony-O

Pony-O is super easy to use! You’ll be in the cart and on the course in no time!

  1. Using only your thumb and pointer-finger, pull your hair through the Pony-O.
  2. Squeeze and flatten the Pony-O, holding it close to your head.
  3. Bend EACH END SEPARATELY to secure the Pony-O. (It is very important that you NOT bend the Pony-O once in the middle).

Last step: throw your elastic in the sand trap!

Pony-O is the only hair accessory you will ever need! So go ahead and sport the best ponytails, look incredibly chic, and play at your best on your next golfing game with Pony-O! Grab yours here and order some extras for your golf bag! See you on the 19th hole! Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you!

Needing a little assistance? We offer free FaceTime sessions! Contact us at: support@ponyo.com or call 303-838-6976 to schedule yours!  

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