PONY-O Flip Through with a Bun Hairstyle

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Easy Holiday styling, Flip Through with a Bun

Easy Styles for the Holidays...or any day!

Since we're all about hair, we have a lot of ideas for fuss-free, beautiful styles, because PONY-O bendable hair ties are more than just the perfect ponytail holder. What’s even better? Our styles are easy, because we know you have a long to-do list!

Holiday parties should be fun and festive! One way to assure that this is the case is by using PONY-O for styling that’s perfect for every occasion! You don’t want to make a night of celebration a source of stress.

This Flip Through is playful, yet romantic, not a tight, librarian style you think of when you hear the word “bun”. And that's what you want for celebrating with friends, family and co-workers. The PONY-O also adds volume and fullness you just can't get from elastics and barrettes. The bonus? All of our products are comfortable, secure and non-damaging in ANY hair type.

Getting started is easy. You'll need a PONY-O and BUN BARZ for this style. Shannon used a Light Brown PONY-O for the first step (the flip-through), and a Light Blonde BUN BARZ for the second step (the bun). Follow the steps below, or go here for more detailed video instruction.

Step one for PONY-O flip through bun 
Using your thumb and forefinger, feed your hair through the PONY-O. Secure it about three-fingers away from your head.
Step two for PONY-O flip through bun
Use your fingers to dig a hole in your hair. Be sure to make a clean hole by clearing out all of the hair in the middle.
Step three for PONY-O flip through bun
Once your hair is through the hole, you should have a TopsyTail look. Gently tug on the sides if you want more fullness.
Step four for PONY-O flip through bun
Grab your Bun Bar. Sandwich your hair in between the two pieces, slide it back about halfway, and roll UP toward your head (not under).
Step five for PONY-O flip through bun
Overlap the ends of the Bun Bar to make a circle shape. Fan the ends of your hair around to cover the piece. This also helps secure the Bun Bar. Give it a squeeze with both hand (like you're squeezing an orange) for an even more secure hold.
Questions? We’d love to hear from you: support@ponyo.com

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