kalli combs social media expert who loves pony-o

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Entreprenuer & PONY-O fan, Kalli Combs

We’re so excited to introduce you to one of our favorite PONY-O friends and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Kalli Combs.

kalli combs social media expert loves pony-o

Kalli’s journey is one that entrepreneurs worldwide can identify with. A former legal secretary and realtor, Kalli always seemed to be the visionary in the room, and found herself being the one advocating and pushing for her employer to be more involved with social media marketing. 


Even in the early onset of Social Media Marketing, Kalli had an innate sense of the marketing possibilities that were tied to having an online presence. You might say this sense is in her blood. Kalli’s dad, a former university professor, is an entrepreneur himself, building several successful businesses, passing on his work ethic and business sense to his daughter. Kalli also credits her dad for teaching her the grit and grind of building a business, important skills for any self-starter.


So, in the true entrepreneurial spirit, Kalli set out on her own, quickly and successfully growing her own brand. Every accomplishment created excitement for fellow small business owners who wanted to replicate Kalli’s success of growing their own brand and business through social media marketing.

But Kalli needed a brand name! When you’re taking the entrepreneurial plunge, you want to be sure to choose a brand name works for you now and in the future. It could just be the most important and memorable element of your brand, and Kalli knew just who to turn to.

Kalli is blessed to be married to a Christian hip hop artist, who is very creative, witty and of course, great with words (and handsome, according to rumors). He came up with the name Social Pal Kal in seconds, almost as if by divine intervention. It was a name that was meant to be. 

After only 3 years in the social media market business, Kalli & Social Pal Kal have generated a six figure income by helping small business owners who are overwhelmed and confused by Social Media build their strategy and grow organically online. 


One day, a couple of years ago, Kalli was scrolling through social media, trying to find a hair product she could use that wouldn’t pull out her hair, and she came across the PONY-O bendable ponytail holder. Like most people, she was skeptical and decided to put the product to the test, wearing it for a week! That's some rigorous testing. Now, she is an advocate for all things PONY-O, amassing an impressive collection in every color, plus the BUN BAR and BLING RINGZ. 

Kalli loves the PONY-O hair tie because it works with every hair type and is more than just a ponytail holder. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing braids, her natural hair or weaves, she gets a comfortable and secure hold with zero damage or crease.

Our unique, patented hair accessories are comfortable, secure, non-damaging and last hundreds of uses. There just isn’t anything on the market that compares to PONY-O no pull ponytail holders or BUN BARZ for hair buns.

We’re so happy Kalli found us on Instagram! As fellow women business owners, we’re proud of all she’s achieved and wish her unlimited success in all of her future endeavors. If you're looking to grow your own brand, be sure to check out her website and Social Media channels!

In closing, Kalli has the following advice for any new entrepreneur: 

  • Keep going and be consistent. Don’t second guess yourself. 
  • Push through your fears and insecurities. Success is on the other side.

We couldn't agree more!

Watch Kalli's testimonial about wearing PONY-O for one week here

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