Two girls drinking red wine, wearing high ponytails created with PONY-O bendable hair ties.

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Easy hairstyles to pair with your favorite wine

Pairing PONY-O ponytail holders with your favorite wine?

You love wine. You love PONY-O. But have you ever wondered what PONY-O hair ties style pairs best with your favorite wine? Let's find out!

First, a little bit about wine and the characteristics of people who drink it.

  • If you prefer Red Wine, you're adventurous, humble and organized.
  • If White Wine is more your style, you're curious, sarcastic and a perfectionist.

That's just skimming the surface, though. Let’s uncork this bottle and dive in a little deeper to find the perfect pairing for you. 


Are you a Cab fan? You're the rock and accept what happens without complaining or showing emotion. You're also

  • Unfazed by conflict and thrive in solitude.
  • Easily adaptable to new surroundings.
  • Generally logical, practical, and level-headed, focused on getting the job done. 

The classic Low Bun is the perfect hairstyle for you! Created with the bendable and durable BUN BARZ, it's fuss-free, comfortable and gets the job done.


Is it Chardonnay all the way for you? You're the connoisseur and have an appreciation for fine wines. You're also

  • Logical and sophisticated.
  • Practical, consistent, and organized.
  • A bit delicate for others to manage because of your expensive taste. 

Expensive taste demands the always sophisticated style French Twist, dahling! Created with the Medium PONY-O or XL if you have super thick hair. No pins, hairspray or fine-hair hacks needed, with our easy, how-to video instructions.


If Merlot makes your engine go, you are a mediator and gifted at solving conflict. You're also

  • Approachable in your demeanor, friendly.
  • Easily connect with anyone.
  • Gifted at paying attention to other people’s needs/emotions.

Minimal effort required, the Top Knot hairstyle is the perfect approachable "do" for those who are focused on the needs of their friends and family. Created with the Medium PONY-O or XL if you have super thick hair.

Woman pouring a glass of red wine, wearing the top knot hairstyle created with PONY-O hair accessories


Do you love the pale ruby of Pinot Noir? If so, you are the romantic. You're also

  • Highly idealistic and devoted to your passions.
  • Always willing to help a good cause.
  • Hard working and successful at everything you do.

Nothing says romance more than this Butterfly hairstyle with Bling. Created with the Medium PONY-O hair tie or XL if you have super thick hair, accented with our exclusive BLING RINGZ (available in a variety of colors), this style will make everyone think you're a hair guru.


Does a chilled glass of Riesling (the rarest wine in the world) make your taste buds sing? You are the adventurer. You are also

  • Easily adaptable to  any social group, but won’t stay in one place.
  • Happy-go-lucky, and into exploring.
  • Imaginative.

Adventure always calls for the High Ponytail (created with the Medium size PONY-O or XL if you have super thick hair), a go-to hairstyle for exploring the rare, and exciting, side of life.

Lady drinking wine, wearing a high ponytail created with PONY-O hair ties


Your quote might be "Boxed Wine makes me feel fine!" and that makes you the realist, accepting situations as is. You are also

  • Not afraid to laugh at yourself or speak your mind.
  • Unpretentious. Not fussy.
  • Don’t care what others think.

The Messy Bun is down-to-earth without sacrificing your personality or style. Created with the Medium PONY-O (XL if you have super thick hair).


From the most seasoned wine-lover to the casual wine drinker, taste matters! If your vintage tastes like vinegar or is astringent, you wouldn't try to choke it down or drink it in spite of the horrible flavor.

Why should your hair be different? Wearing elastics and plastic claws WILL damage your hair. So why continue to wear them? Making the switch to PONY-O bendable hair ties makes sense when you care about the look and the health of your hair. Our patented hair accessories are comfortable, secure AND non-damaging in every hair type. If you're on the fence, why not give them a try today? You'll be glad you did.


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