Space Buns Hairstyle for Valentine's Day

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Fun styles! Space Buns!

We have a really cute and easy hairstyle to share with you today, created with PONY-O ponytail holders. This style is perfect for a romantic night out (or in): Space Buns!

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What we love about this style:

Space buns are wildly popular right now, as they were in the 90's, especially in the summer months for concerts and festivals. We've combined it with another favorite to create: Space Buns HALF UP!

This style couldn't possibly be more fun or any easier. Space Bun styles are endlessly versatile and look great on any hair length or texture. You can wear them messy or sleek...whatever fits your mood.

Space Buns aren't necessarily a hard hairstyle, but can be a very technical one without the right tools. The benefit of the PONY-O bendable ponytail holder versus other hair ties is the secure hold and the flexibility of moving your style around without having to start over. What do we mean by that?


The PONY-O is the only bendable and foldable hair accessory on today's market. Our unique, patented design eliminates the need for feeding your hair back and forth to get a secure ponytail. Feed your hair through the PONY-O once, hold it close to your head and bend down each end separately. That's it. A secure hold shouldn't be painful.

Hold the PONY-O close to your head

Don't like where the bun is sitting on your head? No need to start over. Open the PONY-O back into its circle shape, gently slide it over and re-shape to tighten. Easy peasy.


Your hair is evenly distributed in the PONY-O, and that means no tension on the follicle, no annoying ponytail crease, and no hair hump. Sweet. The width and circumference of the PONY-O naturally creates volume and a fuller look, for the ultimate fine hair hack. No need for teasing or spraying, which is really bad for your hair.

Twist your hair after it's in the PONY-O

Click here to watch our easy How-To video


You'll need two PONY-Os for this style. The small PONY-O works best for half up hairstyles, but the medium size will work too if that's what you have on hand. Shannon used Hot Pink in the demo because it's Valentine's Day, but any color will work because the PONY-O hides in this style.

Add an extra pop and some glam to your Buns by accessorizing them with our gorgeous PINZavailable in a variety of styles and colors.

Add pop to your style with PINZ by PONY-O

ANOTHER THING WE LOVE: Shannon is wearing a wig from Glam Seamless so you can see how the PONY-O works and how adorable this style is on shorter hair. That's what we call going the extra mile! ♥️

PONY-O Accessories aren't available in stores, but you can buy them on our website. Click on the Shop Now button below when you're ready!

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