PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Sweat-Proof Ponytails for the Gym & Workout

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Sweat-Proof Ponytails for the Gym & Workout

How to Sweat-Proof Ponytails For Gym Workout!

Let’s be honest: even though our aim in working out is to achieve our fitness goals, we also want to look good doing it! It's easier to perform difficult workout routines  when our hair looks good and is out of our face. Nothing is worse than sweaty and sticky strands of hair sticking to your face during a workout! It is possible to rock a ponytail that holds all of your hair in place, and stays secure during your whole routine.

How? Using PONY-O!

  • Sweatproof Design

  • Thanks to PONY-O’s patented design, you can create a comfortable but secure, crease-free elastic-free ponytail! Our innovative hair accessory has two important features that make it completely hair friendly: a silicone cover with little bumps inside that act like pillows for your hair, and a malleable metal core inside. The silicone coating is not affected by sweat, chlorine, salt water, or wet hair. It's perfect for the gym, or any activity.

  • PONY-O Bends...it doesn’t stretch

  •  Elastics contract your ponytail because of the way you have to feed it back and forth to make it tight. That constriction, and ripping the elastic out the entire length of your hair, is what causes hair damage, especially if your hair is wet! Elastics also lose their shape and break after a while. PONY-O is unique because it doesn't stretch...it bends! And because it doesn't stretch, it shapes to any hair type. Your hair shouldn't fit your hair accessory...your hair accessory should fit your hair! 

  • Comfortable and easy to use


    Complicated Youtube tutorials aren't necessary when you're using the PONY-O. You can have the perfect workout ponytail in three easy steps:  

    1. Using only your thumb and forefinger, pull your hair through the PONY-O.
    2. Let go of your ponytail. Use both hands to hold the PONY-O close to your head. Squeeze and flatten the PONY-O. 
    3. Bends the ends down SEPARATELY, with your thumbs. DO NOT bend the PONY-O ONCE IN THE MIDDLE. Want a tighter ponytail? Just bend the ends a little more.

    The revolutionary design of the PONY-O makes is comfortable and secure all day long. Even through a strenuous workout. See our Instagram story for workout reviews from PONY-O customers!

    Following the three easy steps above will give you a comfortable and secure ponytail, without tension on your follicle, and NO hair damage! Why not give PONY-O a try? Get yours here. Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you!

    TIP: For a more secure hold, bend the ends a little more. If you pull on your ponytail to tighten it, that will open and loosen the PONY-O.

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