Dean Banowetz Pony-O Hair Accessory

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: What Women (& Dean Banowetz) Say About PONY-O

Does the PONY-O really hold every hair type?

This video excerpt is from an Instagram Live Dean did for us in April. Doesn't he look like a fun guy? Here's a little bit of background so you'll know why this matters. 

Who is Dean Banowetz and why is he talking about a hair accessory?
Dean is famously known as the "Hollywood Hair Guy." He is the locks wizard for Simon Cowell, Leeza Gibbons, Kelly Clarkson and many other celebrities. Dean is also the stylist for several TV shows and movies, including Thor, Hunger Games:Catching Fire, and Project X. If Dean trusts the Pony-O and Bun Barz to hold his client's hair securely AND without damage, you can trust it to hold yours too! Listen to Dean's testimonial by clicking on the featured link 

Our unique, patented hair accessories stand alone when it comes to comfort and security. Let's face it: if you need ten elastics to hold your hair, something is wrong! The PONY-O bendable hair tie shapes to YOUR hair thickness, and you only need ONE! To accommodate every hair thickness and type, the PONY-O is available in three different sizes:

The Classic Pony-O: Our original size. For use on most hair types.
The Pony-O XL: Our largest size. Designed specifically for super thick hair. A larger diameter and stronger core.

Classic Pony-O dimensions Dimensions XL Pony-O for super thick hair

The Small PONY-O: More narrow than the Medium PONY-O, but the same dimension. Designed for half the hair, or all of the hair if it's fine to super fine. It's also great for children's hair! 

Every product, no matter what it is, can be used in the right or the wrong way. The secret to having a secure and comfortable hold is the shape of the PONY-O. Bending the ends separately and individually will secure your P
ONY-O without tension or damage and give you a hold that lasts all day. BE AWARE: If you cheat and bend it once in the middle, your hair will slide out immediately. So for the best results, be sure to follow our easy shaping technique shown below. Happy hairstyling! 

Flatten the Pony-O and bend each end separately.



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