Applying The Pony-O: Thick Hair

Frequently Asked Questions About Using The Pony-O With Thick Hair


Q: How do you stop it from sliding?

A: Make sure to bend the ends separately, The sharper the bends the tighter the hold! 😀 

Remember you used your hair tie a million times and the PONY-O is going to feel a bit strange at first, don't worry you will get it!

Q: The Pony-O is sliding down. Is my hair too thick?

A: Thick hair needs a great hold, PONY-O is solid copper on the inside and when it's shaped properly Pony-O is designed to hold super tight, and because it holds tight it feels light and comfortable. The more you bend the ends in, and or under, the better it holds.👍 

Pony-O is different than the hair ties that you have practiced with all of you life, so they are bound to feel a little weird or different at first.

There are three very important steps when your hair is thick, they are the same for everyone but particularly important for you:


1. Make sure you are only using your thumb and pointer to feed your hair through the PONY-O, not your whole hand.


2. Pull your hair straight up through the PONY-O, Not at an angle. (The first bit where your hair is doubled up at its thickest is the tricky part. Once that is done you are home free!) 🙌


3. Follow the bending directions: Flat first, and then two sharp bends: One on each end. 😁



Q: My Hair is flat on top how do I make it look fuller?

A: Place one hand on the PONY-O to hold it in place, and use the other hand to lift the the area that you need height on, it is best not  to lift the under hair or the support hair just the top layer (about the top quarter inch). ðŸ™Œ



Q: Is the PONY-O good for working out?

A: Yes, the more you bend the ends under the better it holds! Pony-O is also waterproof and great for swimming.🐳



Q: My Ponytail feels loose like its not tight to my head what can I do?

A: When you are applying the PONY-O make sure to hold it close to your head as you shape it. A quick way to tighten it is to flatten the PONY-O and with one hand pull up on your ponytail, and push the PONY-O closer to your head with the other hand, let go of your ponytail and use both hands to flatten the PONY-O and reshape it holding it closer to your head.


Remember the Pony-O is designed to feel comfortable you really are not supposed to feel it in like you do an elastic hair tie, that's the whole idea😀


It will be weird at first but you will get used to the comfort! 🙌❤


To test it to see if it's secure grab the Pony-O and give it a tug. If it slides shape it as described above.


We hope this helped! If you have a question that you need answered, please e-mail us at SUPPORT@PONYO.COM and we'll be sure to get right back to you!