PONY-O Starter Pack

$42.00 USD $30.00 USD
This 4 piece hair-blending pack is great for all of your hairstyling needs. 2 PONY-O 1 Small PONY-O 1 BUN BARZ Available in Black,Blonde and Brown.
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PONY-O Glam Starter Pack

$56.00 USD $44.80 USD
This 6 piece-pack is everything you need for STUNNING Holiday styles!
1 PONY-O 1 Small Leopard PONY-O 1 BUN BARZ 1 BLING RINGZ 1 Set of PINZ
Available in Black, Blonde and Brown.
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Pony2.O Color Collection

$60.00 USD $30.00 USD
This Mystery Pack is a selection of 6 bright colored Small PONY-Os at a huge discount. Available for fine to normal or thick hair. Create beautiful half-up styles. This is a great package for holiday gift giving! Remember to order extra bags and booklets.
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Perfect Ponytails
Metallic PONY-O
Mystery Packs! (Save 40%)
Hair Pinz
Easy buns
Make it POP
Dress it up
Gift Cards