PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Back to School Hairstyles Kids Will Love

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Back to School Hairstyles Kids Will Love

Goodbye lazy summer days in pajamas and unkempt hair, hello school! Now that many kids are returning to school for in-person learning, it’s a chance for them to rock some brand new hairstyles to match their cute new outfits.

We’re rounding up some of our favorite back to school hairstyles to inspire you and your little ones to try something new this fall!

The Perfect Back-to-School Gift

All of these hairstyles we’re going to share are easy and comfortable to wear all day long thanks to PONY-O! It works for adults and kids alike, and little girls can even do their own hair because it’s that simple to use

Especially for younger kids or those with very fine hair, we recommend investing in a PONY2.O! This thinner model of PONY-O is perfect for half-up looks or when you just have less hair to work with.

Ready for some creative hairstyles for your princess? Here are five to inspire you:

1. Sky-High Ponytail

Nothing beats a classic high ponytail hairstyle, especially when kids can do it themselves! It’s fun, it’s spunky, and it’s comfortable. This look is great for toddlers and young, energetic kids who want to be able to play hard without their hair falling out!

If you really want to add some sparkle and shine to your kiddo’s ponytail, add a BLING RING!

2. Perfect Princess Bun

Most little girls dream of being a princess at some point, and this Cinderella-status bun will feel like a dream come true!

Just start with a high ponytail using a PONY2.0 in a neutral color that matches your child’s hair, then twist, wrap around, and tuck the ends under.

3. Kittycat Space Buns

This new spin on the space buns trend is perfect for the adventurous child wanting to try something new, and it’s great for a Halloween costume too!

You can also leave the hair down instead of wrapping it around the PONY2.0s for a cutesy double ponytail look.

Cat-inspired space bun hairstyle for kids back to school

4. Braided Fohawk

Adding a braid is a great way to elevate any hairstyle, even something as simple as a ponytail! Check out this tutorial for one of our favorite hairstyles that your little girl will be dying to try:



5. Donut Bun with Daddy

Sometimes daddys have a hard time doing their little one's hair. Big hands and small elastics can make hairstyling hard. The size of the PONY-O and BUN BARZ are easy for dad to manipulate.

This dad loves doing his daughter’s hair with PONY-O, and has even gotten confident enough to use BUN BARZ too for this classic donut bun hairstyle! He doesn’t just make it look easy - it is this easy:

Show Us Your Back to School Looks!

Little girls and moms alike are loving PONY-O. It makes getting ready each morning so much faster and more fun, plus gives you hairstyles you just couldn’t achieve with a traditional hair tie! You won’t have to fight your child to put their hair up anymore, because PONY-O is completely painless to put in, take out, and wear all day long.

Goodbye painful elastics, hello PONY-O!

We’d love to see those back to school hairstyles and outfits, so be sure to tag us on Instagram if your child rocks a PONY-O in those First Day of School photos!

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