Beautiful braided style created with PONY-O foldable hair ties

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Back to work Hairstyle, Side Braid Ponytail

The Side Braid Ponytail with PONY-O: Kickstart Your Work Week!

Kickstart your work week with a bang! Embrace an easy, beautiful style that radiates the feeling of a fresh start. You'll feel empowered and ready to conquer anything that comes your way!

The Side Braid Ponytail

This Side Braid Ponytail, using the under-over braiding technique, is beautiful and full in every hair type and every face shape, and has become a popular red-carpet style. 

Ready for some hairstyling? Watch the video here.

It looks professional without being too uptight, so perfect for back to work, then dinner out. The unique, patented design of the PONY-O lets you lift volume without losing its grip on your hair, and is so secure and comfortable, you can wear it until your day is over. 

PONY-O hair girl, Shannon,  used the Gray Classic PONY-O for this style. You'll want to use the XL if you have super thick hair (think golf ball size in circumference). If you're going to wrap the ponytail with a piece of hair, the color doesn't really matter. If not, go with one of our eight hair blending neutral colors.

Add a bit of drama to your style

Feeling extra? Add a dramatic pop with one of our exclusive and beautiful BLING RINGZ, or secure a section of hair with our damage-free PINZ, both available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Shannon used the OVAL BLACK PINZ for this demonstration.

Questions? We'd love to help! Contact us at Happy hairstyling!

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