PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Meet PONY-O’s Woman of the Month, Founder Nicol Harvie!

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Meet PONY-O’s Woman of the Month, Founder Nicol Harvie!

We’re so excited to share PONY-O’s Woman of the Month, because she’s the reason we’re here! Nicol Harvie is the brilliant inventor of the PONY-O, so her story is our story. Without her passion to transform hair accessories for the better, we wouldn’t have these innovative ponytail holders and beautiful accessories we all know and love.

Nicol is a Libra, loves coffee and travel, has a cuddly cat named Sebastian, and plays a mean game of Scrabble. In this post, we’re sharing Nicol’s inspiration for inventing the PONY-O, her favorite looks to create using the PONY-O, and more! 

 Nicol invented her first ever hair accessory based on her own hair needs. Back in the ‘80s, Nicol had such thick, long, and curly hair that traditional elastics just wouldn’t cut it! They would break, pull out her beautiful hair, and leave her frustrated and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, hair elastics were the only option on the market at the time — scrunchies hadn’t even been invented yet!

Because her job at the time required Nicol to have her hair tied back, she had no choice but to use these painful elastics and suffer the resulting migraines. She knew there had to be a better way to manage her curly locks without pain and damage.

Nicol was attending fashion school in Toronto, Ontario, so her mind was already set on the industry. Her love of fashion and her desire for more comfortable ponytail holders drove her to begin reimagining hair accessories as we knew them at the time — she ended up patenting several hair accessories before completely transforming the hair industry with PONY-O.

Nicol is now one of the top female patent holders in the United States!

Nicol’s Favorite PONY-O Accessories and Styles

Because of her love for fashion, Nicol enjoys trying new colors and patterns with PONY-O hair accessories. Here are some of her favorite styles:

A Low Ponytail with the Swirl PONY2.0

When styling a relaxed low ponytail, Nicol likes to wear a Swirl Print Designer PONY2.0. It’s such a fun twist on an otherwise casual, calm hairstyle! We agree with Nicol that the added elegance of the swirling pattern is perfect for the low ponytail look.

A High Ponytail with the Giraffe Print PONY-O

For a really funky look, Nicol loves the boldness of our Giraffe Print Designer PONY-O. It’s perfect for a perky and show-stopping high ponytail! Although we love the Leopard print trend (and of course have a PONY-O for it!), something about Giraffe print is so much more unique!

UpDos with a Classic Black PONY-O

Nothing beats the classics! Along with her love for classic rock legends like David Bowie and Led Zeppelin, Nicol loves to accessorize her updos with a sleek black PONY-O. The black PONY-O is really perfect for any style, and it goes with everything!

Want to Learn More About This Inspiring Woman?

Check out the video below to learn more about Nicol’s patented products and why she invented hair accessories.

Introduction to Pony-O Hair Accessories from Nicol Harvie on Vimeo.


Join Nicol’s Mission to Make Ponytails BETTER!

Nicol saw the possibilities when it came to hair care and styling, and thanks to her innovation we now have amazing products like the PONY-O! We’d love for you to join our mission to make ponytails higher, healthier, and more comfortable. 

Share your go-to PONY-O styles with us on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, and be sure to let us know why you’re grateful for the PONY-O!

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