PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Trade Too-Tight, Uncomfortable Ponytails For Ones You Can Wear All Day When You Use a PONY-O

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Trade Too-Tight, Uncomfortable Ponytails For Ones You Can Wear All Day When You Use a PONY-O

 PONY-O can change your hair and your ponytails for the better!

The high ponytail is a classic hairstyle for a reason. There’s no fuss and it’s easy to do, which makes it the perfect quick hair fix if you’re on the go. Whether you’re on your way to a meeting, going to a workout class or just to the grocery store, it’s the most convenient way to tie your hair back.

The super tight and sleek ponytail has become an extremely popular style, thanks to celebs like Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber who frequent the look. But because the tight elastic creates tension on your hair follicle, it’s just a matter of time before you feel the inevitable, throbbing ponytail headache. This discomfort, although is common, is actually a real headache disorder

I once met a woman at a trade show who took a couple of Tylenol before tying her hair back, just to get a head start on her ponytail headache! How crazy is that? If you like to wear your hair up, why not opt for a hair accessory that doesn't hurt your hair or your head? 

I’m talking about PONY-O bendable hair ties. Here’s how PONY-O can change your hair and your ponytails for the better. Our accessories are the perfect solution for you. Here’s how it can be your ultimate life saver:

1. PONY-O Is Super Comfortable


PONY-O gives you style, security and comfort in just one hair accessory. It doesn’t stretch to pull your hair tight. Instead, it bends to shape it. PONY-O is made with a bendable metal that’s coated in a soft silicone. Pull your hair through it once, bend it in place and that’s it. It looks tight, but doesn’t pull on the hair follicle, so it doesn’t hurt. In fact, it may take some getting used to, because it will feel like there’s nothing in your hair at all. 

2. PONY-O Keeps Its Hold All Day


One of the most unique aspects of PONY-O is that you shape it to your hair, so the PONY-O holds whatever is inside. It also has tiny silicone bumps or teeth that hold hair in place, and once it’s in, it’s in. To remove a PONY-O, you can’t just pull on it. You have to unbend it, then slide your hair out.  

3. PONY-O Works With All Hair Types


It doesn’t matter if you have thick, fine, curly, straight, long or short hair, the PONY-O will hold it up 

If you have really fine hair, the PONY-O will instantly give you some added volume to give you a fuller-looking ponytail. You don’t need any bobby pins, hair spray or teasing.  

If you have thick hair, you only need one PONY-O to hold it up. And with a regular elastic hair tie, the weight of your hair may make your ponytail sag, but PONY-O will keep it up and looking perky. 

4. PONY-O Is Non-Damaging and Crease-Free


Elastics not only damage your hair, they also leave an annoying crease in it when you take them out. Regular elastic hair ties rub your hair as you put up your ponytail, and constrict it, which can cause breakage. What makes PONY-O unique, and better than any other hair accessory on the market today, is it's revolutionary design. PONY-O is soft and it shapes your hair, it doesn’t constrict it. 

5. PONY-O Gives You a Perkier, Fuller-Looking Ponytail


Your ponytail will look its best with PONY-O. Gone are the days of saggy, sad, droopy ponytails. Because the PONY-O is wider than an elastic band, your ponytail, or any hairstyle you choose to create, will look fuller and be more secure. 

6. PONY-O Is So Easy To Use, Anyone Can Do It


All you have to do is follow these steps for using PONY-O and create the perfect ponytail.

  • Step 1: Using only your thumb and forefinger, feed your hair through the PONY-O, and bring it down, close to your head.
  • Step 2: Hold the PONY-O with both hands and let go of your ponytail.
  • Step 3: Squeeze the PONY-O to flatten it. 
  • Step 4: Using your thumbs, bend each end of the PONY-O down, separately. (Don’t bend it once in the middle — it will not work.) For a tighter hold, bend the ends a little more.

Whether you want your ponytail sleek, messy, high or low, it shouldn't be painful.  It is possible to have it all: comfort, volume, style and healthier hair. All you need is PONY-O!

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