PONY-O ponytail holders DIY Coconut Hair Mask

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: DIY Coconut Hair Mask

Summer sun and winter chill can really take the moisture out of your hair, making it feel dry, brittle and lifeless. So, it’s time for another DIY mask from PONY-O hair ties, using all-natural, organic ingredients you probably have at home. Click here to watch the video.

You’ll need 

  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Milk
  • 1 Egg

Coconut Hair Mask ingredients

Coconut Milk has fatty acids that have an extreme moisturizing effect on dry hair, and also helps to detangle unruly hair. Combined with olive oil and the protein from eggs, this mask will help restore moisture and your hair’s natural shine.

Be sure to use the PONY-O bendable ponytail holders or BUN BARZ for hair buns when it’s time to secure your hair. Our waterproof coating won’t absorb any of the mask ingredients, and won’t damage or constrict your hair while you’re waiting for the magic to happen.

Simply apply the mask to dry hair, working it in starting at the scalp and down to the ends. Let it set for 20 minutes, then shower and style as usual. Be sure to give your PONY-O product a rinse to remove any mask residue.

Get shinier. hair with our Coconut hair mask

This is a cost-effective mask that anyone can make! Don’t spend your hard-earned money on store bought masks with artificial ingredients. Those masks can easily set you back $50 and really aren't good for your hair. Instead, try this easy DIY Coconut Mask for a hair hack that restores the moisture, shine and health of your hair at a cost of $2 max.

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