PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Meet Shannon, Chief Marketing Officer at PONY-O and The Brand’s No. 1 Fan

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Meet Shannon, Chief Marketing Officer at PONY-O and The Brand’s No. 1 Fan

If you’ve watched a video on how to use the PONY-O or visited us on social media, you’ve probably seen Shannon. She’s our Chief Marketing Officer and she might be the brand’s no. 1 fan.

Shannon does all of PONY-O’s marketing, from working with celebrities and influencers to scouting for models. But mostly, she’s in charge of making all of our fun how-to and style videos, including shooting and editing.

“Every video for PONY-O, I’ve touched. And there’s thousands,” Shannon says. 

In fact, she says after checking emails in the morning, she usually spends the first half of her day shooting videos in the studio. She spends the second half of the day editing those videos. Then, she sends her video to a final editor who edits overnight and she wakes up at 3 a.m. to check the final cut before going back to bed. Her day is literally spent living and breathing PONY-O, and that’s just how she likes it.  

How Shannon Got Started With PONY-O

About four years ago, Shannon was working in marketing with a hair extension company when she says a client came in and showed her the PONY-O. She was so impressed, she picked up the phone to call PONY-O’s customer service to get in touch with anyone who worked there. To her surprise, it was the founder, Nicol, who picked up. “I was like, ‘Look, I have to be involved with this product, it’s amazing. I’ll do anything — I’ll do the marketing, I’ll do whatever you need, but I just need to be involved in some capacity.’” A week later, Shannon flew out to meet Nicol and the two hit it off. 

Why She Loves Working With PONY-O


Shannon still carries the same enthusiasm for the brand as she did when she made her initial phone call. “Honestly, it’s a dream job. Like any girl would kill to have the job that I have, just because it’s so fun,” she says. “I love the product, I get to work with women, play with hair. And I just love the whole aspect of working for a company that’s by women, for women.”

She says that she especially loves how close she is to her co-workers: “I just think if you’re involved with the PONY-O brand in any capacity, you’re one of us. And we’ll treat you like a sister or as a friend. It’s just a very warm and inviting company to work for.” 

Shannon’s Favorite Hair Style 

Shannon models a lot of hair styles using the PONY-O products, but she says her everyday style is a classic high pony. “The higher the better, girl!” she says. For special occasions, she loves the bun bar. “It’s elegant and put together, and it looks like a professional stylist did it, but it takes two seconds to do.” 

Her Best Tips For Using a PONY-O

And, her best tip for using a PONY-O for the first time: It’s all in the bending. “When you bend it, you have to do a sharp individual bend on each side,” she says. 

We’re so grateful to have Shannon on the PONY-O team! Her passion and enthusiasm for her work and the brand, as well as her hustle, make her a rockstar at her job. You can follow us and check out some of her videos on Instagram @ponyohair for more. 

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