PONY-O Ponytail Holders: So Much Better Than Your Plain, Elastic Hair Tie — And Here’s Why

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: So Much Better Than Your Plain, Elastic Hair Tie — And Here’s Why

Regular, elastic hair ties have a habit of stretching out, snapping or even pulling out your hair. Seriously, they’re not a great investment. However, PONY-O is, and you’ll probably want to stock up on a few. 

PONY-O is a hair accessory like you’ve never seen before. It’s made of malleable metal that’s coated with a soft silicone, and has tiny pillows that hold hair in place. In fact, it will hold your hair up all day and night, and because it doesn’t pull on the hair follicle, it’s actually comfortable. 

PONY-O comes in a range of colors to match your hair, as well as several fun designs. 

While all of that seems like reason enough to make the switch to PONY-O, here are plenty of other reasons you should ditch elastics for good.

1. PONY-O Is User-Friendly

Do you even remember how old you were or when you first learned to put your hair in a ponytail? Probably not. It’s practically instinct. While the PONY-O is different from an elastic hair tie, it’s just as easy to use. Actually, maybe even easier. You can get the perfect-looking ponytail with three easy steps. 

First, feed hair through the PONY-O and bring the accessory close to your head. Then, hold it with two hands and squeeze to flatten it. Finally, using your thumbs, bend each side down under your ponytail, one at a time. And that’s it. 

2. PONY-O Will Comfortably Hold Your Hair Up All Day Long

There’s no tugging and tightening your ponytail when you’re wearing a PONY-O. Once it’s in, it’s in until you take it out. Plus, it’s super comfortable

Have you ever gotten a headache from wearing a ponytail? That’s because you may have a sensitive scalp and your hair tie is pulling on the hair follicle. (Ouch!) But even if you don’t get migraines or serious headaches from a ponytail, it still can get a little sore.

But, not with PONY-O. It’s lightweight and designed to create comfortable, tension-free ponytails. You’ll feel like there’s nothing in your hair at all! 

3. You Ponytail Will Look Fuller

If you have fine or shorter hair, the PONY-O will definitely make it look thicker and fuller. Or, if you have long, heavy hair that usually sags in a ponytail with regular elastics, the PONY-O will give you some perk and volume. This is because the PONY-O is thicker than other hair ties. And, it doesn’t stretch, it bends to hold your hair in place. 

4. Zero Damage Is a Major Bonus

When you use a regular hair tie, you may start to notice that your hair is frizzier or breaking wherever your elastic usually sits. That’s because when you put it in, and tighten it throughout the day, you’re moving the hair back and forth and causing friction. Ultimately, that can damage your hair. But with PONY-O, you only feed it through one time and there’s nothing for it to snag on — just soft, smooth silicone. 

5. No More Ponytail Creases

You know when you take your ponytail out and you have that crease in your hair? Yeah, PONY-O doesn’t do that. It’s not constricting the hair or pulling on it tight enough — and that’s a good thing. You can put your hair up in a ponytail for a few hours during the day and take it out when you’re ready to go out at night.  

6. Anyone With Any Hair Type Can Use It

PONY-O was designed by a curly-haired girl, but anyone can use it. If you have fine, thick, straight, curly or textured hair, the PONY-O is for you. It was invented by women, for women with all hair types.

7. It’s Sweatproof and Waterproof

If you’ve ever gone swimming with an elastic hair band in, you know it usually gets tangled. PONY-O is waterproof though, so you can wear it in the pool or the ocean, and it will still easy slide out when you’re done. 

And, you can wear it to workout. Sweat won’t affect its ability to stay or the perkiness of your pony.

8. It’s Designed to Last Hundreds of Uses

If you’re over hair ties that are prone to breaking (and getting lost in the bottom of your purse), you might want to dispose of them for good. With proper use, the PONY-O will last hundreds of uses — way more than elastics or plastic claws. And, since it doesn’t stretch, the PONY-O never loses its shape.

Take Care of Your Hair

You’ll never regret taking good care of your hair. Because at the end of the day, your hair is a part of you. Yes, if you get a funky haircut it will grow back, or if you dye it the wrong color, it will fade. But if you’ve ever damaged your hair, you know the long, hard process of growing it out. It can take months to a year, depending on how fast your hair grows.

So, investing in a hair accessory like PONY-O that’s not going to damage your hair can save you time, money, headaches (and sometimes tears). Plus, it just looks really cute!

You can create the healthy, full-looking ponytail you’ve always dreamed of with PONY-O. Get one today and you’ll see why it’s better than elastic hair ties. In fact, we’re betting you’ll never go back.

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