PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Pisces-Inspired Hairstyles

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Pisces-Inspired Hairstyles

Born between February 19 and March 20, Pisceans are the ultimate combination of lessons learned from every other sign’s evolution making their sign the hardest to define. Constantly adapting to their surroundings, Pisces energy can easily break down the barriers between people, reality and dreams.

Pisceans are compassionate and adaptable, yet they have strong convictions about what is the best way for them to live. Truly all about love, they have a "live and let live" approach when it comes to others.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, there’s much to admire and learn from the robust, yet tender-hearted nature of Pisces. We think you'll find inspiration from these styles, or use them as a springboard to create your own! Either way, you'll love the way non-damaging, non-creasing PONY-Os feel in your hair.

1. Pigtails

Those born under the sign of Pisces are the ultimate cool without even trying, a perfect match for PONY-O. Somehow these intuitive fish always know the best music, TV shows and food trends before they become popular. Speaking of knowing you're cool, this fun pigtails style is created with two PONY-Os.

Pigtails hairstyle created with PONY-O ponytail holders
Fun pigtails hairstyle created with PONY-O

2. Ponytail with a Side Braid

This style is right in line with the creative and imaginative side of playful, artistically gifted Pisces. You'll only need one PONY-O for this style.

Side Braid plus ponytail combined

Ponytail with a side braid

3. Two Styles in One: Bubble or Braid

Pisces are often brilliant and their magnificently imaginative powers are unequalled in the zodiac: think Albert Einstein or Alexander Graham Bell! Their creativity has literally changed the world and in the true Piscean way, inspired countless others to unlock their own potential. This Bubble and Braid style is super imaginative, and you only need one PONY-O to create your version.

Bubble bun with a braided ponytail

Two styles in one: Bubble and Braid

How Are You Celebrating Pisces Season?

Maybe you’re a Piscean or have a best friend who is. Maybe you just draw inspiration from their mutable personality like do are for these hair looks!

We’d love to see your favorite hair and beauty looks in celebration of our Pisces friends this season - be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can check out your creative style!

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