PONY-O Ponytail Holders: The Benefits of Switching to PONY-O

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: The Benefits of Switching to PONY-O

Are you looking for a hair tie that is light, comfortable and non-damaging? One that makes your hair look 100% thicker and fuller? Well stop looking! Your search is over.

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The PONY-O bendable ponytail holder is a revolutionary hair tie and ponytail volume tool that will work on every hair type and texture. Our unique, patented design checks all of the above boxes and more! Our products are:






✅Environmentally Friendly

✅Versatile, and more!


Every hair type and texture deals with a number of unique challenges on a daily basis.


Fine hair is often very soft and delicate. It tends to get oily or greasy very quickly because of the ease with which the oil from the scalp travels down the strand. Often, fine hair has zero volume and is very hard to style. (I’m raising my hand. That’s me).

The PONY-O creates the perfect ponytail and makes fine hair look fuller and infinitely thicker! You get tons more volume without ponytail hacks, teasing or weighing your hair down with product, and the styling possibilities are endless because of PONY-O’s secure hold.

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Fine to medium hair textures have two layers, the cortex and the cuticle. Thick hair actually has three layers (of course it does!): the cortex, cuticle and the medulla. Nothing like adding another complication to hair care. Thick hair is less prone to breakage, but is more prone to dryness.

Because the PONY-O is secure and actually holds your hair, you get the feeling of weightlessness, like there’s nothing in your hair. You might actually forget you’re wearing the PONY-O until it’s time for bed (it’s happened, trust us).

PONY-O bendable hair ties are also the only hair accessory on the market that bends and shapes to fit your hair. It’s not stretchy, so it won’t snap mid-twist or lose its shape.

PONY-O holds thick hair no problem


Curly hair has a mind of its own. Have you ever witnessed a curly-haired gal cutting an elastic out of her hair? That’s a scary thing to imagine for me. Since you can’t brush curly hair, it’s very prone to knots and tangles.

The PONY-O’s hold is amazing, that’s for sure. But another amazing factoid is that the PONY-O comes out of your hair easily. Open it wide into its circle shape and it slides out. No catching; no tangles; no cutting it out (plus that’s wasting your hard earned money). No hair comes with it.

The PONY-O’s weightless hold feels amazing, and since it’s design will never constrict or flatten your curls.


You took the plunge and went with the popular short haircut. Good for you! But short hair does present the challenge of fewer (actually more than that) styling options, and you need a haircut more often. Hope you love your stylist. Short hair also damages easier, and with the lack of length, damage is harder to hide.

The PONY-O is wider than an elastic hair tie or telephone cord. Since there’s more surface side-to-side, the PONY-O will hold back your short pieces and layers, helping you get past the frustrating stage of growing out a cut. This width also makes it possible to wear hairstyles that we design specifically for short hair.


Because of limited and unimaginative features, not every product on the market works for every hair type the way PONY-O no pull ponytail holder does. The secret to our success is in the patented design and the shape: PONY-O is bendable, not stretchy, so when  you bend down the ends, it adapts and shapes to the thickness (or fineness) of your hair.

If you’re tired of hair damage and sagging, droopy ponytails, make the switch to PONY-O today for the ultimate hair hack. You won’t regret it! You just can’t imagine all of the benefits PONY-O offers. Healthy, damage-free hair; better for the environment, better for your wallet.

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The number of hair follicles we have never changes. We have the same number now as the day we were born.

The hair grows in cycles: sometimes a follicle is busy growing a hair, sometimes it’s resting. Sometimes it’s busy shedding the hair (most people shed about 100 hairs per day), sometimes it’s empty and taking a break.

Therefore, the number of follicles which are actively growing have an effect on your hair density. As we get older, the percentage of “resting” follicles increase, decreasing our hair density, causing thin hair. Now you know. 😉


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