PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Older than Scrunchies

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Older than Scrunchies

If you’re a child of the 80’s you know what the Scrunchie is. Especially if you faithfully watched Full House or Saved by the Bell! All things 80s are back in style, and thanks to those longing for the nostalgia and casualness of their youth, this fabric-covered hair tie has somehow had a rebirth. 

80's scrunchies sitcom styles

But, did you know that our bendable hair ties were actually invented BEFORE the Scrunchie? One of the first iterations of the PONY-O ponytail holder came to be in the mid 80s, for reasons similar to the reason for the Scrunchie. Our inventor and president, Nicol, a student at a Toronto fashion school, couldn’t wear elastic hair ties without getting a severe headache, and there wasn’t anything else on the market to hold her curly hair without damage or tension on the hair follicle. Always one to think outside the box, she grabbed some scraps of material and used those to tie her hair back. When the work day was over, sans the usual discomfort, she thought she might be onto something.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “find a need and fill it”, this moment would be its poster child. One seemingly small gesture has paved the way for new generations of hair ties. From those scraps of material, Nicol has created a successful brand of hair accessories, worn by women all over the world. She has also become one of the top female patent holders for hair accessories.

Hair gadgets come and go, but it seems like every “new” product is the same iteration as before: a recycled idea of a stretchy elastic in a shiny new package. The scrunchie, telephone cord tie, elastic hair tie and stretchy hair ties may look different on the outside, but they function the same way: feed your hair back and forth through the elastic until it’s “tight”. And repeat that same process in five minutes.


  • It bends and shapes to the thickness (or fineness) of your hair. They aren’t stretchable like elastics, scrunchies and telephone cord ties, so it will never lose its shape or constrict your hair. Feed your hair through ONCE, and bend the ends to secure. Bend it properly, and you’ll get a secure hold all day.

How to shape the PONY-O

  • Constructed of a soft silicone material outside and a bendable copper core inside, the PONY-O brand of hair ties are comfortable, secure and non-damaging in every hair type. There’s no hard plastic like headbands and plastic claws. 
  • They are eco-friendly and wallet friendly. Throw-away hair ties and plastic claws litter the landscape and the landfills, never breaking down. PONY-O  hair products are extremely durable as well as recyclable, designed to last hundreds of uses. They cost less than a penny per wear. 
  • These truly innovative accessories are perfect for every part of your life. Easily transition from the gym to work to date night. PONY-O hair ties for high ponytails and more are waterproof and sweat proof, and come out of even wet hair easily. Plus, they never crease or break your hair. You really can say goodbye to that dreaded ponytail crease.

Embrace the 80’s again! Grab those leg warmers and headbands, jackets with padded shoulders and high-waisted jeans. And for secure, comfortable hold that looks sleek and stylish, go for the OTHER hair tie born in the 80’s, but made for today's modern look. You’ll love the way PONY-O no pull ponytail holders look AND feel in your hair.

Excuse me while I look for my mix tapes and Lisa Frank stickers. 📼 Gnarly, dudes. 

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