PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Why elastic hair ties are bad for your hair. And your wrist!

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Why elastic hair ties are bad for your hair. And your wrist!

If there’s one comment we hear most from seasoned elastic-wearers who are new to PONY-O hair ties, it’s this: “I just wish I could wear it on my wrist!”  After reading this, you might just change your mind.

Wearing hair ties on your wrist has become a part of the daily routine for many people. It’s a habit that's become so ingrained people feel naked without it. I have a theory about that, but I’ll save it for later.

Humor me for a minute. Can you think of a “fashion-choice” that has resulted in the creation of a new medical term? High heels, corsets and flip-flops are a few “bad-for-your-body” fashion choices, but as horrible as they may be, they don’t qualify for a spot in medical textbooks!

The uber-popular elastic hair tie and all of its iterations can take credit for two! 


The damage elastic hair ties can (and do) cause is well-documented. Wearing a hair tie too tight can cause unsightly and hard-to-repair damage to the delicate cuticle of your hair. What’s even worse, is that the repeated strain from prolonged wear of these products can also cause Tension Alopecia. This self-induced condition from wearing a too-tight ponytail is often irreparable, and sometimes results in permanent hair loss.

And let’s be clear: it’s not just the elastic hair tie doing the damage. Any hair accessory that requires the action of feeding back and forth to make it tighter, can cause damage to your hair.

This definition really hits home when you think about the way these hair ties constrict and damage your hair.

Definition of constrict


It would be crazy to intentionally damage your appendages!  But that’s exactly what can happen when you wear a hair tie around your wrist.

Hair elastic making a dent in the wrist 

Wearing the very same hair tie on your wrist can cause serious nerve and muscle damage in your hands and wrists, known as Acute Compartment Syndrome. Read more from the National Library of Medicine.

In the same way elastic hair ties constrict your hair, they also constrict the blood flow to your hand and wrist area. Think you hate that hair dent? What about a permanent wrist dent? Or permanent nerve damage?


The PONY-O ponytail holder is the only hair tie on the market that bends. Unlike the elastic, the PONY-O bendable ponytail holder isn’t constantly fighting to return to its original form. However you bend it, (hopefully the right way) the PONY-O stays until YOU change its shape. And THAT is genius. 

The shaping sequence of PONY-O hair ties

So, no…you can’t wear the PONY-O on your wrist. But when your hair accessory is comfortable, you want to wear it in your hair. When it hurts and leaves a big dent, well the wrist seems like a nice alternative.

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