QUIZ: Which PONY-O Hair Product You Need, Based On Your Hair Type

PONY-O was created by a curly-haired girl, but the revolutionary hair accessory is for everyone. Whether you have thick, thin, straight, curly, long, or short hair, there’s a PONY-O for you. Although the classic PONY-O should work with most hair types, we’ve created a few different variations for helping everyone get the right hold on their ponytail.

There’s the PONY.O 2.0, a slimmer design for girls with really fine hair, short hair, or for using on small sections of hair. Then, we have the PONY-O XL for the gals with really thick hair. And finally, there’s the PONY-O XL Slim for the girls with really thick hair who want to put up just sections of their hair at a time.

Still not sure which PONY-O is right for you? Take our quiz to see which type of PONY-O will work best with your hair to help you get the style you want.

1. How long is your hair?

A. My hair falls below my shoulders

B. It sits just at or above my shoulders

C. Like, really long

D. My hair is so long I’m always tempted to chop it

2. How thick is your hair?

A. It’s about the size of a golf ball when I gather it together or a little smaller

B. Yeah, my hair is definitely smaller than a golf ball when I gather it together

C. My hair is larger than a golf ball when I gather it together

D. My hair is larger than a golf ball when I gather even just the top half together

3. When you put your hair up into a high ponytail, it always:

A. Sags and droops — I feel like I’m always pulling it tight

B. The bottom layers tend to fall out

C. I can hardly get all of my hair into one hair tie without it snapping

D. I’ve given up on ponytails and like to try more unique hairstyles

4. How do you prefer to wear your ponytail?

A. High ponytail all the way

B. Low ponytail (my hair is too short to pull it all the way up)

C. Any way I can get my hair off my back

D. Half-up, half-down for me! Just get it off of my face.

Mostly A’s: Classic PONY-O

There’s nothing average about you or your hair! But, you can stick with the classic PONY-O that works for most hair types and textures. Whether you have fine, thick, curly, straight, long, or short hair, you can put your hair up with the OG.

PONY-O comes in 15 solid colors — both neutral and bold — and five designer prints.

Mostly B’s: PONY-O 2.0

If your hair is extra fine, your regular ponytail may look a little limp. PONY-O can help, but the classic version might be a little too much. PONY-O 2.0 is our slimmer version that’s made for girls with really fine or shorter hair. You’ll get all the same benefits of the classic-sized PONY-O, but just a toned-down version for your hair.

PONY-O 2.0 comes in 21 neutral and bright colors, as well as 10 designer prints.

Mostly C’s: PONY-O XL

Thick hair, don’t care — except when your hair ties are always breaking. PONY-O XL will never snap. Plus, it’s big enough and strong to hold all of your hair up comfortably. No more sad ponies for you!

PONY-O XL comes in 20 neutral and bright colors and 10 designer prints.

Mostly D’s: PONY-O XL Slim

If you have thick hair or extensions and prefer to wear your hair only half up, the XL Slim is perfect for holding thick sections of hair. It’s the same as the XL PONY-O, just a thinner version.

The PONY-O XL Slim comes in 10 designer prints, from leopard to camo.

At the end of the day, if you still can’t decide which PONY-O is best for your hair, we recommend sizing up. You want to make sure you can fit all of your hair in the PONY-O, and once you do, you can bend and shape the malleable metal to hold it all up.

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