PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Try These Heatless Hair Tutorials That Won’t Damage Your Hair

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Try These Heatless Hair Tutorials That Won’t Damage Your Hair


If you’ve ever fried your hair with a curling iron, you know that growing out your damaged strands is never fun. It feels like it takes forever, and if you don’t take care of your hair starting at the scalp, it won’t grow back the same.

Healthy hair requires you to take care of it. And heatless hairstyles can help prevent damage, while also giving you pretty waves or curls. But, you should also reconsider how you put your hair up into a ponytail.

If you use elastic hair ties, take a look at your hair where the elastic usually sits. It might be a little rougher-to-the-touch, brittle or even broken. That’s because elastics have to stretch and squeeze hair tight to stay up, and all that friction can cause serious damage. 

Not to mention, elastics cause hair to be pulled at the follicle, which can cause damage at the growth stage, amongst other problems

With that said, that’s why we created PONY-O, a non-damaging hair accessory that will give you a fuller-looking ponytail, and one that will stay up all day long. No tugging, no headaches — just really good hair.

PONY-O is a soft, bendable circle with tiny silicone pillows for holding hair into place. Simply feed your hair through a PONY-O, and bend it to create a ponytail. Hair will stay up (no saggy ponytails here!), but there’s no pulling on the hair follicle or friction on the strands.

You can use PONY-O and our other products like BUN BARZ, BLING RINGZ and PINZ to create heatless hairstyles that won’t damage your hair. However, TikTok is also bringing tons of heatless hairstyles to the forefront. Try a few of our favorites from the tutorials below!

1. Beachy Waves



Pt 2 | BEACH WAVES MET SOKKEN ZONDER HITTE ⁉️😱 (RESULTAAT) #heatless #hairtutorial #straighthair #fy #fyp #dutch #blond #twooptions

♬ origineel geluid - quintymirjam


Beach waves are basically looser curls that you’d get from spending the day by the ocean with salt and the wind in your hair. You don’t need to go to the beach or use any hot tools to get this look though. On TikTok, people like Quinty Mirjam (@quintymirjam) use socks to shape wet hair overnight while they sleep. First, divide wet or damp hair into two sections. Then, twist each section and roll up into a bun using a sock. Tie the ends of the socks or secure with a PONY-O, and remove when hair is completely dry.

2. Wavy Low Pony



XLARGE low pony ft. the XL PONY-O! A whole 1/2” longer than the classic😱 Perfect for thick hair! ##hairhealth ##obsessed ##viral ##fyp

♬ original sound - PONY-O HAIR


With your beach waves, you can wear your hair down or pull it back into a ponytail using PONY-O. First, brush hair into a ponytail and pull it through the PONY-O. Next, squeeze the PONY-O flat. Then, using your thumbs, bend each end of the PONY-O down separately to form a horseshoe shape (the ends of your PONY-O should not touch). 

PONY-O won’t cause creases in your hair like regular elastics, so if you change your mind and want to wear your hair down later, you can gently slide it out and rock your waves.

3. Robe Curls



trying out some hairstyles out of my comfort zone 😅 #heatlesscurls #robecurls

♬ Buttercup - Jullian & Sophie Wood


If you have a bathrobe, go get it. You’ll need the soft belt you usually tie around your waist, except you’re going to use it to do your hair. 

TikTok user Emily Elizabeth (@eggdressesup) shows how these robe curls are done: First, use a claw clip to secure the robe tie to the top of your head, with the ends hanging on each side of your head. Then, braid your hair into pigtails and include the ends of the robe into each braid. When you’re done, you can remove the clip and tie the ends of the robe and your hair on top of your head while you sleep. In the morning, untie the ends and check out your bouncy curls.

4. Ballerina Bun



Easy bun how-to and sunset vibes🌅 ##sunset ##bunstyles ##easyhairstyles ##viral ##SipIntoSummer

♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese


On days you don’t wash your hair, you can pull it back into a sleek ballerina bun using BUN BARZ. Pull hair back into a ponytail and secure with PONY-O 2.0, our thinner version of the standard PONY-O. Then, clamp your hair between the BUN BARZ and slide it down your ponytail a little more than halfway, or just before you reach your shortest layer. Holding both ends of the BUN BARZ like bicycle handles, roll it toward the base of your ponytail, and then bend it behind your head to create a circle. Gently move the rest of your hair around the BUN BARZ, give it a good squeeze, and alas — you have a salon-worthy bun. 

5. Sock Curls



I am shock ! Rating this HEATLESS method 10/10 #hair #hairtok #hairstyle #hairtutorial #heatlesscurls #hairtutorials

♬ I Am (feat. Flo Milli) - Yung Baby Tate


Turns out socks are pretty handy when creating heatless curls! While you can use two to create loose beach waves, you can use multiple socks to create more defined, voluminous waves. TikTok user Lillian Babaian (@lillianbabaian) braids six or more socks around her whole head. First, she uses a clip to secure the sock to the top of her head (but you could use a PONY-O, which is less damaging). Then, she braids it into one section of her hair and repeats this step all around her head. Then, she gives her hair a spritz of water and when it’s dry, she pulls out the socks and her hair is bouncy as can be. 

6. Infinity Bun Updo



PONY-O BunBarz create unique buns in a SNAP 👌🏻 #hairstyles #hairtutorials #hairtransformation #haircaretips #BUNS #ponyo #buntutorial

♬ original sound - PONY-O HAIR


This updo looks intense — but it’s actually so easy to do. First, pull hair back into a low ponytail and place hair between the BUN BARZ. Then, wrap your ponytail around the BUN BARZ, flipping it over the left side and under, then over the right side and under. Then, bend the BUN BARZ until the ends overlap. Gently pull hair around the BUN BARZ on each side and give it a last squeeze tight. Wear this updo to a wedding, to prom, or just because you feel like dressing up.

You can do a lot to your hair without using heat or elastics, and it will still look amazing. But more importantly, it will look and feel healthy. From waves and curls to ponytail and buns, try these heatless hairstyles at home. And for more hair tips and tricks, check out PONY-O on Instagram.

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