PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Get the Campfire Smell Out of Your Hair

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Get the Campfire Smell Out of Your Hair

Tips for getting (and keeping) the Campfire small out of your hair from PONY-O

Whether it's summer or fall, there's nothing quite like the excitement of camping accompanied by a crackling fire! However, one downside of cozying up by the campfire is that lingering smell of smoke that tends to cling to your hair and clothes. What's a girl to do when a proper wash isn't an immediate option? Don't worry, we've got your back with some easy yet highly effective tips to bid farewell to that campfire scent!


First things first: Don’t forget to pack your PONY-O bendable hair tie and BUN BARZ for hair buns. Our hair accessories are smokeproof, waterproof, sweatproof, and non-damaging in any hair type.


Before hair is damaged from coloring and heat styling, it has a protective layer of natural oil. This layer helps keep your hair from absorbing smells like campfire smoke. As the oil diminishes over time, it becomes more prone to odor absorption. So before going on a camping trip or spending time around the bonfire, apply a small amount of finishing serum or styling oil to your hair. This will help keep unwanted smells out of your hair, including cigarette smoke.


  1. Dry Shampoo: Forego the unscented version, opting instead for a nice scent. Or better yet, head over to our Blog post and learn how to make your own Dry Shampoo. Add a small amount of lemon essential oil to help your hair smell its best while you enjoy the great outdoors.
  2. Baking soda is another natural and inexpensive alternative for removing odor. Pour a small amount in your hands and gently rub or brush it through your hair and on your scalp. Don’t use too much, or it will leave a powdery, white film on your hair. 
  3. Dryer sheets do more than make your clothes smell fresh and clean, so pack a few in with your camping gear or in your purse to help minimize the smoke smell. Dryer sheets are also great for controlling static electricity left behind by hats and hoodies.
  4. Lemon spray: The day before you leave home, mix water and the zest of a lemon in a spray bottle. You can use this simple solution in your hair and on your clothes. After spraying, let the sun do its drying work.
  5. Vodka spray: No, really. Alcohol is great for getting rid of odor. Who knew?! Heat 3 parts water and 1 part vodka and add it to a spray bottle. This tried and true trick is used by Broadway actors to freshen their costumes, and won’t leave your hair or clothes smelling like a distillery.
  6. Let the sunshine in: If your hair has been up in a ponytail or in your hat, chances are the smoke smell is trapped inside. So let your hair down and soak up the sun and fresh air. Combined with the sun’s ultraviolet rays, this trifecta will have that smoky smell will be neutralized in no time.
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