PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Keep Hair Secure While Working Out

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Keep Hair Secure While Working Out

PONY-O bendable hair ties keep your hair secure while working out!

Nobody likes their hair getting sweaty and sticking to their neck while working out, so naturally we all put it up in some way. It can be so frustrating when your hairdo falls out in the middle of an intense workout, leaving your hair sweaty and sticking to your face and neck!

Here are a few quick tips for keeping your hair happy your entire workout:

1. Give Your Hair Some Variety

If you do the same hairstyle over and over with your daily workouts, you’re going to be putting stress on the same spot every day. Varying your styles shifts where your hair is secured, which can save your hair from damage over time.

Woman doing yoga with hair up in PONY-O

2. Choose Your Hairstyle Based on Your Workout Type

To help you pick the style that’s right for you, think about what will work best for your specific workout that day!

If you’re doing something slow and low impact like yoga, a braid is a great way to keep your hair secured and flat to your head so it won’t interfere with the different positions and poses. If you’re doing something more active like running or high intensity cardio, where your hair will be bouncing around a lot, a nice tight high ponytail is the way to go.

Also keep in mind the equipment you may be using. If you’re doing classic weightlifting, for example, you want your hair as up and off the neck as possible so it doesn’t get caught on the bar. Safety first!

Athlete exercising with hair up in ponytail with PONY-O

3. Wear a Headband

Have some extra wisps or short bangs that you need a little extra help securing up? A workout-friendly headband can keep those short pieces of hair pulled back, plus it can collect some of the sweat your roots would normally absorb, leaving your hair fresher post-workout!

Just make sure your headband isn’t so tight that it leaves a crease across your hair when you take it down if you don’t plan on washing that day. If you’re worried about the headband slipping off, just add a little hairspray underneath before sliding it over your hair.

Woman wearing hot pink PONY-O

4. Use a PONY-O for a Secure, Bump-free Hold!

The worst part of getting your hair up in a tight, secure hold is the dreaded ponytail bump when you take it back down. PONY-O bendable hair ties are here to solve that problem! Our patented hair tie alternative gives you all the security of a traditional elastic without damaging or creasing your hair, no matter how long you’ve been wearing it. It also doesn’t need to pull your hair headache-tight in order to create a secure hold. Your hair will thank you!

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