Twisted Knot using Pony-O is perfect for Yoga

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: The Best Hairstyles for Yoga, Using PONY-O and BUN BARZ

As women, we’ve all experienced those days where everyone is demanding our time, whether it’s at work, at school, or at home. It’s stressful, and leaves us with very little time for ourselves. Despite that, one of the best and most effective forms of exercise for relaxing the mind and de-stressing the body, is yoga.

However, when you’re pressed for time, and on your journey to zen, the last thing you want to mess with is your hair. You don’t need a saggy, loose ponytail falling in your face and distracting you when you hit your downward dog or warrior pose. If you really want to balance your mind and body, quit fussing with your ponytail and pull your hair up before class with the PONY-O or BUN BARZ.

The PONY-O is a patented hair accessory that will hold your hair up in a tight ponytail all day (and all class) long. But get this — it’s actually super comfortable. It’s like the ultimate hair tie, except it’s a malleable metal that’s coated with high-grade silicone and creates a ponytail with more volume and a lot more hold.

It’s also non-damaging, unlike a regular hair tie. On the inside, there are tiny, soft pillows that allow the PONY-O to have a solid grip without pulling or tearing the hair. Plus, when you leave yoga class and let your hair down, you won’t have that dreadful ponytail crease. (You know the one we’re talking about.)

If you have longer hair, you can also pair the PONY-O with BUN BARZ. BUN BARZ is another one of our hair accessories that makes salon-worthy buns, so you can get your hair completely off your face and back. It’s just as easy to use and also won’t pull or damage your hair. 

Here’s How to Use a PONY-O:


1. Using only your thumb and pointer fingers, pull your hair through the PONY-O and pull it up, close to your head..

2. Squeeze and flatten the PONY-O.

3. Then, bend each end down separately to secure the PONY-O. (Note: It is very important that you don’t bend the PONY-O once in the middle.)

Here’s How to Use BUN BARZ:


1. Pull your hair back into a ponytail using a PONY-O. We recommend using the PONY-O 2.0, which is our thinner version of the original. 

2. Center your hair in between the BUN BARZ and use two hands to clamp it tight.

3. Pull the BUN BARZ towards the end of your ponytail, stopping just before the shortest layer of your hair. Then, roll it forward, towards your face.

4. Once all of your hair is rolled up and the BUN BARZ is at the base of your ponytail, bend the ends back so they overlap at the back of your head.

5. Use your thumbs and your pointer fingers to gently pull your hair around the BUN BARZ, so it’s completely covered.

No matter your hair type or length, these hair accessories can really help. You can use a PONY-O or BUN BARZ to create the perfect hairstyle for your next yoga class — one that holds hair back comfortably, yet stays put.

Here are some of our favorite, no-fuss styles:

1. Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is super easy. It’s perfect for mat time, or any pose that requires laying on your back. Use a PONY-O towards the nape of your neck, rather than at the top or crown of your head.

2. Bubble

Hey, long hair girls! Feed less than half of your hair through the PONY-O. Then, follow the PONY-O shaping steps above to create a shorter, bun-like ponytail.A shorter ponytail means less fuss and more focus.

3. Twisted Messy Knot

This is a great style for getting all of your hair up and off your back. It’s like your classic messy bun, but with a little more volume. First, pull it back into a ponytail and twist the hair into a knot on your head. Pull your knot through the PONY-O and secure it like you would with a regular ponytail.

4. Space Buns

Unlike a low or high ponytail, this style pulls your hair off of your face and off the back of your head. Shavasana will never be more relaxing! Brush your hair into two high pigtails and secure each with a PONY-O 2.0. Then, clamp one pigtail between a BUN BARZ and twist to create a bun. Repeat this step on the other pigtail, so you have two high buns.  

5. Top Knot Bun

Pull hair into a ponytail high on top of your head. You’ll want it to be high enough that you can lie down on the mat without the base of your ponytail touching it. Secure it with a PONY-O 2.0 and then use BUN BARZ to create a tight bun.

Whatever hairstyle you choose for your next yoga class, don’t let it stop you from hitting your favorite pose. And use a PONY-O or BUN BARZ to keep it secure all class long. 

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