PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Use a PONY-O So It Stays Right and Tight

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Use a PONY-O So It Stays Right and Tight


The PONY-O isn’t your ordinary ponytail holder. Unlike elastics and scrunchies, it doesn’t stretch. And because of that, it adds volume to your hair and will stay in place all 👏  day 👏  long 👏 . Plus, it won’t damage your hair or leave a crease. 

It was invented by a curly-haired girl, but the PONY-O can be used by anyone with any hair type — thin, thick, short or long. However, there are different versions of the PONY-O we recommend for each type of hair.

The classic PONY-O should work for most hair types, but especially those with normal volume to slightly thick or curly hair. If you have really fine hair, we suggest using the PONY-O 2.0. This is our most narrow design, and it will give your ponytail just the right amount of volume. And for thick hair, you probably want to go with the XL PONY-O to hold in all of those luscious strands. 

Again, the PONY-O isn’t like any other hair bands, so using it is going to be a little different. However, putting your PONY-O in so your hair stays put can be just as easy. 

How to Use a PONY-O

Step 1: Hook your pointer finger and thumb into your PONY-O and brush your hair back into a ponytail. Then, grasp your hair firmly from the front and pull your hair through the PONY-O. Hold your ponytail tight and make sure to keep one hand on the PONY-O as you do this. You’ll want to hold your PONY-O as close to your head as possible. 

Step 2: Once all of your hair is fed through and your PONY-O is placed on your head where you want it, release your hair so it falls behind you. Then, with two hands, squeeze your PONY-O flat. Your hair should fill out the entire PONY-O, like a flat ponytail that sits horizontal on your head. Yes, it will look and feel strange, but don’t worry girl! We got you.

Step 3: Next, place your thumb on the back of your PONY-O, and use your other thumb to press down one end to make a sharp bend. The PONY-O should bend down and under to make a downwards curve. Repeat that on the other side to make a horseshoe shape with your PONY-O. If you need it to be a little tighter, simply squeeze the PONY-O. 

The key to keeping your PONY-O tight is all in the bend; the sharper the bend, the better it will stay put. 

Keep in mind, the PONY-O doesn’t pull on hair like a normal elastic or scrunchie. Your ponytail might even feel loose in comparison, but we promise, it is going to stay no matter what. The PONY-O was designed to not pull on the hair follicle, so it’s more comfortable and less damaging to your hair

But, if you pull on your ponytail like you might with a regular elastic hair band, it will loosen up. To fix, simply slide the PONY-O back down close to your head, and re-shape.  

How to Remove a PONY-O

When you’re ready to let your hair down, pull your PONY-O flat so it sits horizontal on your head. Then, open it up and just slide it off your ponytail. 

Getting your PONY-O to fit just how you like it may take a little practice. But don’t worry, girl, you’ve got this! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be so glad you tried it. 

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