PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Save Money as a Bridesmaid

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Save Money as a Bridesmaid

Weddings can be so expensive, and most brides can’t afford to pay for the things their bridesmaids need on top of it all! From the dress to the accommodations to the hair and makeup, many bridesmaids end up having to invest a lot financially to be part of their friend’s wedding day.

If you were asked to be a bridesmaid and considered turning the offer down because you couldn’t afford it, know that you’re not alone. However, supporting your best friend doesn’t have to break the bank — there are some creative, simple things you can do to save money and be just as involved in the wedding.

Here are three easy ways you can save money as a bridesmaid:

1. Don’t Invest in the Dress

The dress isn’t always something you can control if your bride has a specific vision for her bridal party, but there are ways to save a little money. If your only requirement is to match a certain color (a common trend nowadays rather than exact replica dresses), try to buy it secondhand or rent it!

For alterations, go through a local tailor and stick to the basics like fit and length. Bridal shops will tend to convince you to pay extra for boning or padding that just isn’t necessary for a dress you’ll only wear once. 

After the big day, resell your dress to try and make some of your money back and help another bridesmaid looking to buy second hand. Websites like Poshmark or Ebay are great for reselling clothes.

2. Plan Your Gift ASAP!

As a bridesmaid, there’s immense pressure to give the best gift to the happy couple, but best doesn’t have to mean expensive!

As soon as the registry is active, do your homework and buy your gift before all the less-expensive-but-still-very-needed items are gone. Another option is to go off-registry to buy your bride something meaningful between the two of you that you know she’ll appreciate!

A PONY-O is a thoughtful small gift any bride would love to receive! They’re inexpensive but high-quality, and so gentle on those long, lovely locks. They’re also waterproof and the perfect accessory for a bride to take on her honeymoon. 

Throw in some PINZ or a BLING RING to dress it up, and the bride can even rock it on her wedding day!

You can also go in on a bigger gift with the other bridesmaids to get something pricier on the list, like that Keurig or KitchenAid the couple is crossing fingers they’ll get!

Ultimately, don’t forget that the best gift you’re giving is being there for your bride and standing with the couple on their wedding day! They’re so glad to have you be a part of it, and that is already such a special gift.

3. Be Your Own Beauty Salon

Even if you’ll be at a professional salon all morning with the rest of the bridal party, you can still bring your own beauty products and do your own hair and makeup while enjoying the quality time together!

Doing your own makeup is pretty typical in a bridal party, but hair can be trickier — especially if your bride has a specific hairstyle vision in mind. This is where PONY-O comes in!

PONY-O is so easy to use and create stunning updos with! It will hold your style secure all day without the need for tons of bobby pins. Plus, you won’t have a throbbing headache from your hair being too tight at the end of the ceremony or reception.

Here are a few easy updos you can recreate with PONY-O hair accessories.

Hairstyle #1: A Classic High Bun

Many brides prefer their bridesmaids to wear simple, matching hairstyles, like a classic bun! This style is super easy to do with just a PONY-O and BUN BAR. 


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Hairstyle #2: A Low Double Bun

If your bride prefers a more relaxed look, this double low bun works well with some curtain bangs. 


Hairstyle #3: Half Up Half Down Ponytail

For some weddings, only the bride wears an updo and the bridesmaids opt for half-up looks or just a simple blowout. In this case, use PONY-O to recreate this half-up look, and then add a few curls to dress it up:

Excited to Be a Bridesmaid? 

Being a bridesmaid is a fun and exciting experience, but it’s often an expensive one too. A few easy ways to save money as a bridesmaid are to shop second hand or rent your dress, buy a less expensive gift from the wedding registry, and do your own hair and makeup on the big day. 

If doing your own bridesmaid hairstyle sounds daunting, you need to invest in a PONY-O. With the PONY-O, you can create so many effortless wedding hairstyles in a matter of minutes! Not to mention it also makes a great, inexpensive gift for your friend on her special day.

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