PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Create a More Voluminous Ponytail When You Have Fine Hair

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Create a More Voluminous Ponytail When You Have Fine Hair


Having fine hair can be frustrating. It feels like no matter what you do, you can’t get any real volume. You can try special shampoos, serums, brushes and more, but nothing really works. Even with a simple ponytail, you’d like a little more lift. 

I’m a fine-haired girl, and I've tried to recreate a Pinterest hair tutorial a time or two. Trust me, my end result looked nothing like the picture.

If you’ve tried all the tricks (maybe even extensions) to make your fine hair look thicker, with not-so-great results, you're not alone. But, there’s good news! Our revolutionary hair accessory, the PONY-O, can give you the volume you’ve been trying so hard to get. 

Create a Fuller Ponytail with PONY-O


We've taken our time perfecting the PONY-O design so it will hold every hair type. Although, the most dramatic difference between the PONY-O and regular elastics is seen when you compare a ponytail side by side on someone with fine hair. Because the PONY-O is wider than the regular elastic hair bands you’re used to it evenly distributes the hair throughout the piece, and your ponytail instantly looks fuller and thicker.

There’s Zero Damage, Even on Fine Hair


While a thicker, fuller-looking ponytail is definitely the goal, comfort is an added plus. It will feel like you’re not wearing anything in your hair at all. The PONY-O is tension-free, meaning it can hold your hair up tight all day long, but without pulling on the hair follicles

With a regular hair tie, your hair is constricted and moved back and forth through the elastic. This causes friction and can damage or even break hair. But, with a PONY-O, you only feed your hair through it once and shape it. The PONY-O is made from a bendable metal and coated with an oh, so soft silicone.

For fine or shorter hair, PONY-O also makes a thinner version of its original design called the PONY-O 2.0. It’s equally great for adding tons of volume.

Another great benefit? PONY-O is crease-free, meaning you won’t get that dreaded ponytail crease after wearing your hair up for a bit.

Wear It All Day, Even While You Work Out


Like we said, the PONY-O is comfortable enough to wear all day and all night. And you actually can — it will stay put, without any tightening or tugging. You could wear it for an intense cardio class or long run even. It’s not going anywhere. Plus, it’s sweatproof and waterproof. There really is no place you can’t wear a PONY-O. 

How to Use a PONY-O For More Volume with Fine Hair 


The PONY-O is very easy and quick to use, even with fine hair. Here’s how to create a more voluminous, damage-free ponytail:

1. Using only your thumb and forefinger, slip your hair through the PONY-O, and pull the accessory down to the base of your head.

2. Hold the PONY-O with both hands, and let go of your ponytail. Flatten the PONY-O to instantly fan out your hair, making it lay horizontal across your head.

3. Then, using your thumbs, bend each end down separately to create a downwards curve. This is really important: Do not bend it once in the middle. 

      See? It’s easy. No fuss and no hassle! Once you try the PONY-O in your fine hair, we're confident  that you’ll never go back to elastics. No other hair accessory on the market offers as many benefits for fine hair as PONY-O. You can see the difference in the photos above.

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