PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Leo Season Inspired Hairstyles

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Leo Season Inspired Hairstyles

We love the bold and confident Leos in our lives. You are natural born leaders who inspire us to take risks, accomplish goals, and be open-minded.

Another big trait Leos possess is their confident creativity. So in honor of Leo season, we want to share with you some of our favorite Leo-inspired hairstyles!

Whether you’re a Leo or not, there is a lot you can learn from their tenacious personalities, and we hope you’ll find inspiration from these bold styles too:

1. Half Up Bubble Bun

If we take Leo literally, then a half up, half down hairstyle is a great way to let your mane run wild while giving it a twist! The big bubble is a reflection of Leo’s big heart, while the thick, curly hair left down shows their creativity and free-spirited side!

Half Bubble Bun-2.mp4 from Nicol Harvie on Vimeo.

2. Side Bubble Bun

For a more subdued look that still stands out, put all of your hair up to the side in a bubble bun. What really makes this look pop in that bold, Leo style is the cheetah print PONY-O!

3. Accessorized Twisted Bun

We love this twisted bun for a confident, professional look. Pair this with a really confident makeup look, and then add some BUN PINZ in your favorite color for that touch of creativity and personality!

Jill twisted bun purple pins Email.mp4 from Nicol Harvie on Vimeo.

4. Half Up Hair-wrapped Ponytail

Let your hair speak for itself with this half up look! After putting up a few pieces on top of your head in a PONY-O, wrap a little bit around the PONY-O to make your hair look even more thick and full, then add some curls for volume.

We recommend a neutral PONY-O color-matched to your hair to help it blend in so you can stand out



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♬ original sound - PONY-O HAIR

5. Extra-Wild Messy Bun

You’ll need two PONY-Os to complete this unique twist on a messy bun! A Leo is confident in everything from a sleek, curated style to something messy and casual - but they always make it their own! Creating a messy bun like this will give your hair a lot of extra texture and volume



Unique messy bun done right! ##fyp ##foryou ##messybun ##ponyohair ##howto ##trending ##easybun ##fypシ ##yas

♬ ALMOST HOME - Mad Adix, Marc Steinmeier

How Are You Celebrating Leo Season?

Maybe you’re a Leo or have a best friend who is. Maybe you just draw inspiration from their charisma like we are for these hair looks!

We’d love to see your favorite hair and beauty looks in celebration of our Leo friends this season - be sure to tag us on Instagram or Tiktok so we can check out your looks!

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