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PONY-O Ponytail Holders: What is a PONY-O

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PONY-O bendable hair ties

The PONY-O is a unique, patented BENDABLE ponytail holder that is revolutionizing the beauty industry worldwide, and changing the way women feel about wearing their hair up. Maybe you think we’re a little biased, but check it out.

Think about all of the ponytail holders available for purchase: the elastic band, scrunchie, telephone cords, etc. Their outside appearance leads you to believe that they’re completely different from one another, when the truth is, the design and way you use it is exactly the same! They’re all stretchy (which means they will quickly lose their shape), and you apply them to the hair the same way: feed your hair back and forth through it until it feels horribly tight and constricts your hair. They really are exactly the same thing: damaging, uncomfortable and, in a matter of minutes, droopy and saggy.

Here’s a crazy fact: the elastic hair tie was invented by Thomas Hancock in 1820. That’s over 200 years ago! Can you think of any other product we use today that was invented that far back? I can’t!


First of all, the PONY-O BENDS, it doesn’t stretch! It is the only bendable ponytail holder on the market and will never lose its shape.

The inside core of the PONY-O is a soft, yet solid copper bar. It's soft enough to bend, but strong enough to hold any amount of hair. The copper is also the same width as the silicone coating. This design contributes to the genius of the PONY-O in many ways: it enables the PONY-O to hold any hair type and stay in place all day because there is more surface holding it, not just a small piece of elastic, or a small skinny piece of aluminum insidelike the knock-offs. This secure hold is what makes PONY-O so versatile. It also makes your hair look thicker, fuller, and is the best tool to create a perfect ponytail and more!

The outside covering of the PONY-O is a soft, hair-friendly silicone, not rubber. The coating is sealed, so it doesn’t absorb oils from the hair, hairspray, by-products or dyes. It’s also waterproof and sweatproof, and more importantly in this COVID age, it’s germ proof and is easily cleaned with sanitizer without causing damage. For this reason, and it's secure hold, the PONY-O is very popular with nurses, doctors and first responders.

doctor wearing pony-o with mask


The dots on the inside of the PONY-O aren’t just cosmetic, but serve a very important purpose. They’re like little pillows that hug your hair and grip it without damage or tension on the follicle.

The PONY-O is designed to last hundreds of uses. It’s not a throw-away product like elastics. You can use it over and over again. We could make it cheaper, but we believe in using high-quality and renewable materials, and that’s better for the planet and your wallet!


We mentioned that the PONY-O doesn’t stretch like every other hair tie on the market. It bends! So how exactly does it work?

Start with the PONY-O in its full circle shape. Insert your thumb and forefinger through the circle (think baby shark). Don’t use your whole hand! It’s awkward and just won’t work.

use your thumb and forefinger

Grab your hair with the thumb and forefinger, and pull it through the PONY-O. Next, flatten the PONY-O and let go of your ponytail (it seems weird, we know), holding the PONY-O with one hand on each side.

bend each end of the pony-o downbend pony-o around your thumb

Slide your right thumb over to the left side and bend the end down. Repeat with on the right side. What you're doing is bending EACH side separately and that’s what gives you a secure hold. Don’t bend the PONY-O once in the middle…this shape will never ever hold your hair, and you’ll get mad at us.

Now check out that ponytail! Your hair looks much thicker and perkier than it would in an elastic hair tie or scrunchie. No more pencil-thin ponytails.

side by side elastic vs pony-o

You might not think it’s secure because you don’t feel pulling and tension on your follicle. To test the hold, give your PONY-O a tug…it’s comfortable AND secure. For a tighter hold, bend the ends down a little more. But don’t do the rabbit-ear-pull to tighten it. This will loosen the PONY-O and it will fall out.

When you’re done for the day, the PONY-O comes out of your hair easily! Just open it back into the circle shape and slide it out. No hair comes with it! Who has extra hair to lose?

compare damaging hair elastic and pony-o

Plus, you’re not throwing money down the drain like you do every time you cut an elastic out of your hair. In fact, the PONY-O is so comfortable and secure, you can actually sleep in it. Read more here about why you should sleep with your hair up.

And finally, PONY-O DOESN’T LEAVE AN ANNOYING HAIR CREASE! Yayyy! To sum it all up, the PONY-O is comfortable, secure, non-damaging, crease-free, durable and more! No more broken hair, no more hair headaches.

You should grab one today. You’ll love the way our accessories feel in your hair.

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