PONY-O bendable hair tie easily creates beautiful, classic hairstyles in seconds on any hair type

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: 2 Hairstyles for back-to-work, French Roll & Butterfly Flip

Is there a better combination than hairstyles that are beautiful AND easy? Our answer to that is a resounding "no way"! All of our hairstyle instructions are produced with ease of use in mind. We love tailoring classic and popular styles to work with our PONY-O products.

The key to successful hairstyling is a secure hold. If your accessory in slipping and sliding around during the styling process, you'll never have a style that looks clean or feels secure. The unique, patented design of the PONY-O grips your hair and holds it securely (as long as you shape it the correct way), and that makes all the difference in the world. That said, we can teach you TWO styles in less time that it takes to create one with standard hair accessories.

What we love about these styles: 

Need a reference for these styles? Think of Meg Ryan's hair in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle."

The French Roll

French Roll Hairstyle

The first style is the French Roll. This is a timeless and classic look, often referred to as The Gibson Tuck. It's perfect for work, date night, parties and more. The fullness you get from using the PONY-O for this style is impossible to get with elastics and bobby pins.

The Butterfly Flip

Butterfly Flip Hairstyle

The second style is one we call the Butterfly Flip. A lot of people refer to this as a Topsy Tail style, which brings back painful memories of hair pulling and tangled elastics. The PONY-O creates the illusion of thicker hair, thanks to our unique, patented design. If you've seen this created with elastic bands, you'll remember how skinny and pinched the ponytail looks.

You'll love both of these styles, and you can actually wear them in the same day. Put your hair in the French Roll for work, then switch it up to the Butterfly for a night out on the town. Shannon used the Classic PONY-O for both styles, use the XL if you have super thick hair. Match it to your hair or match it to your outfit. Either way, your hair will be the star of the show!

Want to give these styles a shot? Click here for detailed video instruction.

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