Easy how-to half-up waterfall hairstyle using PONY-O ponytail holders

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: 90's Inspired Half-Up Hairstyle

This weeks featured hairstyle is inspired by the non-conformist and messy hairstyles that were so popular during Grunge movement of the 90's. Minus the flannel, plaid and chunky black boots. 😎

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What we love about this style: 

1. It's a minimalist half-up hairstyle, perfectly suited to the 90's, giving you the best of both worlds: your hair is still down, but out of your face. Great for work, date night, or a girl's night out.

2. We like to think of it as an inverted Folded Ponytail or Half-Up Bubble Hairstyle. Check out that featured hairstyle on our previous blog post.

You get a totally different look when you do this style with the PONY-O bendable hair ties, because you get volume and fullness that you just don't get from elastic hair ties or plastic claws. And the cascade of the Waterfall flows down beautifully.

3. It meets our criteria of easy hairstyling, with zero fuss. What's the point of styling your hair if it's going to add to your stress level? No one has time for that.

As always, this half-up hairstyle is created using the small PONY-O, which is best for sections or half the hair. If you have super thick hair, we suggest using the XLSlim PONY-O. Shannon used the Small PONY-O in our popular Brick color for this demo. We have a wide variety of colors and styles, sure to match your outfit for the day.


For the best results, be sure to use only your thumb and pointer finger when guiding your hair through the PONY-O hair tie. Think baby shark instead of octopus fingers. You know what we're talking about. 😆 If you use your whole hand, you'll have a really difficult time getting your hair and fingers through the PONY-O because our patented design bends instead of stretching. Don't frustrate yourself...

use your thumb and pointer with the PONY-O think baby sharkdon't use your whole hand like a baby octopus when you're using the PONY-O


We create our own hairstyles and hair hacks specifically for the PONY-O Brand of hair accessories. We would love to have your feedback for styles you'd love to see! Drop us a line or reach out to us on Social Media.

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