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PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Have you seen us on The Voice?

PONY-O hair ties have become a regular guest on The Voice! Since our very first chair turn in 2019, numerous contestants on NBC's most popular reality show have taken the stage in the PONY-O ponytail holders, BUN BARZ for hair buns and BLING RINGZ, including the powerhouse vocalist from Team Kelly and Season 14 winner Brynn Cartelli, pictured below. 

Brynn Cartelli Season 14 winner wearing the PONY-O

Ten-time Emmy nominated and Guild Award-winning Celebrity Stylist for The Voice, Jerilynn Stephens, is a huge fan of our products. She trusts PONY-O to create the perfect ponytail and fulfill the important task of holding a contestant's hair during their rigorous, and sometimes life-changing performance. The patented copper core inside our bendable ponytail holders have a stronger (and more beautiful) hold than 10 elastics combined.

Jerilynn also knows firsthand that our products will never damage or break the hair. They never leave an annoying ponytail crease, so it's easy to go from one style to another in minutes. You can trust our hair ties to perform the same way for your hair, too. The silicone coating is hair-friendly and the pillows inside hug your hair, so you'll never feel tension or tugging on your follicle. 

Have a look at past contestants from The Voice wearing PONY-O products:

Haley Mia The Voice wearing Bling Ringz by PONY-OMary Beth The Voice wearing PONY-O
Rebecca Howell The Voice wearing Bling Ringz by PONY-OKatey Bundy The Voice wearing Bling Ringz by PONY-O
Emily Ann The voice wearing PONY-OCory Girl The Voice wearing PONY-O

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