PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Meet Celebrity Hairstylist Jerilynn Stephens

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Meet Celebrity Hairstylist Jerilynn Stephens

We love sharing the inspiring stories from the women in our PONY-O community - especially when they know their hair!

Jerilynn Stephens is a celebrity hairstylist for shows like HBO’s Legendary, Shark Tank and The Voice, and has been nominated for 10 Emmys! The kinds of hairstyles she creates are so wild and creative - perfect for bold television looks.

Jerilynn LOVES PONY-O for Celebrity Hairstyles!

Because she needs to create hairstyles that will hold secure all day long and are non-damaging, Jerilynn is a huge fan of PONY-O. It gives such unbeatable volume for a really rockin’ high ponytail, and Jerilynn knows she can trust it to hold the style for a full and active day of filming.

But don’t take our word for it! Listen to Jerilynn’s review here:


More than a Hairstylist

Jerilynn is definitely not your typical hair stylist. In addition to creating award-winning celebrity looks for popular TV shows, Jerilynn has authored an amazing book all about co-creating your goals and dreams: The 5 F Words to Manifesting Your Life. She’s also a self-image coach, public speaker, and writes a very personal and empowering blog.

Oh, and she does all this while being a mom to boot!

Jerilynn Stephens on set of HBO's Legendary

Spokeswoman for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Jerilynn was diagnosed with ovarian cancer earlier this year and underwent unexpected surgery to have the tumor removed. She is now cancer free, but going through chemo as a precaution.

Imagine losing your hair as a hairstylist! But Jerilynn continues to be an inspiration to us with her positive attitude and creativity during this season in her life. She has shared some amazing makeup tricks and stunning wigs that have helped her to feel confident while at work, but also rocks that beautiful bald style all over her social media!

On her blog and her Instagram, Jerilynn continues to share positivity, spread awareness, and empower fellow women struggling with cancer to find healthy ways to manage their symptoms and stay confident. Click here to read a blog where she breaks down every single side effect she has had with chemo and what her solutions have been to manage them!

Jerilynn also just recently had her final chemotherapy treatment!

Congrats, Jerilynn!!!

Jerilynn is All About Self-Image!

Jerilynn’s role as head hair stylist for The Voice is really all about encouraging contestants to feel confident and beautiful stepping out onto that stage. Although the competition revolves around hearing the voice before seeing the person behind it, once the reveal happens it’s important for the singer to feel confident and ready to show themselves to the judges panel.

The Voice contestant with hair up in PONY-O

Hair plays such a big role in self-confidence, and we love how Jerilynn sees that connection and interweaves her love of hair with her passion for positive self-talk! It’s exactly the kind of attitude we need in the celebrity and reality TV worlds.
Thank you for making a difference and being so vulnerable about your own self-image journey, Jerilynn - and thank you for being part of the PONY-O community!

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