PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Make Your Blowout Last All Week

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: How to Make Your Blowout Last All Week


Here’s a hard fact: Your blowout should last longer than one day. Whether you went to Drybar or did your own blowout (kudos to you by the way), you could actually go a whole week without redoing your tresses. 

It may sound too good to be true, but if you want to make your blowout last all week, you have to take care of your hair. Treat it like you paid $50 for your style or got a cramp in your arm from working your own hair dryer. 

One major key is avoiding elastic hair ties. They’ll put a crease right through your hair, and no matter if your hair is blown straight or wavy, it’ll be hard not to notice. That said, you can still put your hair up without totally destroying your ‘do. 

Use a PONY-O To Put Your Hair Up

PONY-O is a revolutionary hair accessory that will gently, yet firmly hold hair up in a ponytail — and there’s absolutely NO creasing. Seriously! You can brush hair up into a ponytail or a loose bun, and when you let your hair back down, it will still look flawless. 

PONY-O is a silicone-coated malleable metal circle that bends to hold your hair in place. Here’s how it works: Simply feed hair through the PONY-O, squeeze it flat, then bend each side down to create a horseshoe shape. It’s so simple, and best of all, you’ll have a voluminous, non-creasing ponytail. 

Besides ditching elastics, here are five more tips for making your blowout last all week long.

1. Wear It In a Loose Top Knot While You Sleep

A lot can happen to your hair when you sleep. Rather than rolling around on your fresh blowout though, tangling and creasing it, gently pull your hair up into a loose bun on top of your head. You can put your hair up with a PONY-O and easily create a bun by wrapping your hair around it. Tuck the ends of your ponytail into the PONY-O to hold it in place and place your head on the pillow. PONY-O is so soft and comfortable — you won't even feel it as you sleep.

2. Use Dry Shampoo (But Not Too Much)

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In between washes, spray your hair with a dry shampoo to soak up oil and give limp locks a little more volume. However, be careful not to spray too much, or it will build up and make your scalp itchy or it may make your hair feel overly dry. 

According to Batiste, a popular dry shampoo brand, you should section off hair and spray your dry shampoo in short bursts, 12 inches from your roots. Then, use your hands or a brush to massage the dry shampoo into your scalp.

If you do use a little too much, you can hit it lightly with your hair dryer on the coolest setting.

3. Wear a Shower Cap

Don’t get it twisted — just because you shouldn’t wash your hair, doesn’t mean you should skip showering all together. Wear a shower cap like these ones from SHHHOWERCAP to prevent your blowout from getting wet.

You can also wear a shower cap to protect your hairline when you wash your face, so baby hairs won’t frizz up.

4. Sleep With a Silk or Satin Pillowcase

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We mentioned sleeping with your hair up, but another way to protect your hair is to sleep with a silk or satin pillowcase. Silk pillowcases are often touted for things like protecting against split ends, frizz, and reducing wrinkles — and it’s all true. The soft pillowcases eliminate friction when you toss and turn in bed. 

Slip is the go-to brand for silk pillowcases, but you can find satin options as low as $10 on Amazon as well.

5. Touch It Up 

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As the days go by, you may have to face the fact that you’ll need to give yourself a mini touchup to maintain the blowout. You can use a restyling spray or even just a little spritz of water combined with a round brush and a hairdryer to redefine waves. If you need a little more volume, you can also try using velcro curlers or one of these TikTok-viral heatless methods.

Try Wearing a New Hairstyle

Even with all of these tips, after five days, you’ll probably want to wash your hair. However, you could also skip the suds for a little longer and transform your blowout into a new style. Use a PONY-O to hold hair up into a voluminous ponytail or BUN BARZ to create a sleek bun

Getting a fresh blowout is great, but you’ll need to take care of it to maintain your volume and style. If you totally mess it up, that’s OK too. We say that there’s nothing wrong with a super chic ponytail. 

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