PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Libra Season-Inspired Hairstyles

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Libra Season-Inspired Hairstyles

Libras are all about beauty, balance, and sisterhood. Think of your dream sorority sister — she’s probably a Libra!

We love how our Libra friends strive for peace and are always able to provide a perfect compromise to keep things balanced and positive. They are beautiful and graceful, soft and sweet.

If this sounds like you, then you might be a Libra. To celebrate Libra season, we’ve got some hairstyles just for you!

Why Libras Love PONY-O

Being the beautiful, vibrant social butterflies they are, PONY-O is perfect for Libras! We’re all about fostering community and sisterhood through our products, which is right in line with the Libra vibe.

PONY-O makes it easy to get beautiful hairstyles without sacrificing hours of your morning to your hairdo. Libras care about being well-balanced, which is something PONY-O makes possible in a practical way so our Libra sisters can embrace a little self-indulgence!

Tip: Even if you’re not a Libra, take inspiration from their relationship-focused personality to embrace balance and connection with everyone from friends to family. Maybe have a special spa day with your mom to try out these Libra looks!

Libra-Inspired Hairstyles 

In honor of all the amazing Libras out there, here are five hairstyles to help you embrace balance in your life.

1. A Playful Ponytail



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♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

 Libras love to go out and socialize, are always open to trying new things, and bring in some fun to balance the day-to-day! If you’re about to go on a wild adventure and need a hairstyle that will stay cute and secure the whole time, nothing beats a classic high ponytail with PONY-O! Pick your favorite color (we love pink for Libras!), grab your bestie, and have fun!

2. Upside-Down Ponytail

We love this look for Libras because it really softens the classic ponytail style by bringing it lower and smoothing everything out into an elegant wrapped look! The two twists it creates on either side of the ponytail perfectly represent the balance that Libras crave.

To create this look, style your hair in a low ponytail with a neutral-colored PONY-O, bringing the PONY-O down further away from the roots to give room for the flip. Flip your ponytail in toward your head and bring it under, then gently pull and fluff out the twist on either side to add volume and relax the look!

3. Half-Up Bun


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♬ Waiting For Heartache - BLVKSHP

This is a great relaxed bun for those days when you want to let your hair down a bit. It creates balance between casual and formal, making it the perfect day-to-night hairstyle for a Libra heading out on the town after a day at the office! All you need is a PONY-O and a matching BUN BAR to create the perfect half-up bun.

4. A Classic, Pretty Bun

The classic donut bun is perfect for balancing femininity with professionalism. It’s practical while still giving that soft, feminine style Libras are known for. Style your hair in this perfect bun with a BUN BAR, then add your favorite BLING RING to finish it off!

5. Two-Layer Ponytail



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♬ original sound - PONY-O HAIR

Want a more elaborate style to try with a friend? This look requires two PONY-Os and is great for makeovers at a sleepover or girls’ night! Be sure to curl your hair to give lots of volume to this gorgeous double-layer ponytail.

Ready to Celebrate Libra Season?

We hope these hairstyles help you to embrace your inner Libra — whether you were born in the right “season” or not! Embrace your social side, seek balance in all things, and don’t shy away from a little beauty and self-indulgence. You deserve it!

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