PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Virgo Season-Inspired Hairstyles

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Virgo Season-Inspired Hairstyles

Virgos are the ones who keep us all grounded! With their practical, quick-thinking, go-getter personalities, Virgos are the real achievers who aren’t afraid to invest heart and soul in anything they pursue! They are classy, professional, and reliable above all else.

If you’re a Virgo, this blog is dedicated to you. We’re sharing five must-try hairstyles every Virgo will love! 

Why Virgos Love PONY-O


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♬ SUMMER IN MIAMI - Pat Matrone & Massimo Scalieri

 PONY-O is the perfect accessory because it is as reliable for your hair as Virgos are in all they do! The PONY-O won’t fall out during your busy workday, so you can worry less about your hair and focus all that energy where it’s needed.

Virgos tend to be perfectionists who stress about things being done correctly. Thankfully, with PONY-O they won’t need to concern themselves with their hairstyle keeping up with their busy schedule! Check out how well it stays right and tight, no matter how hard you shake it.

Tip: Even if you’re not a Virgo, take inspiration from their practicality to get more efficient with your daily routines, from styling your hair to prepping for bed!

Virgo-Inspired Hairstyles 

In honor of the Virgos in our lives, we want to share some of our favorite Virgo-inspired hairstyles to embrace your intellectual side.

1. Twisted Half-Up Ponytail


Just because you’re getting ready in a hurry doesn’t mean you’re gonna have a bad hair day💁🏼‍♀️ we love this easy twisted style using the PONY 2.O

♬ Waiting For Heartache - BLVKSHP

This PONY2.0 hairstyle is the epitome of Virgo vibes! This clean and classic ponytail hairstyle has a bit of a twist to keep things interesting while keeping your hair pulled back for a busy day at the office.

2. Braided Side Ponytail

Virgos aren’t just the serious, practical side they’re most known for. They also have a very humble, kind, and sympathetic side. This hairstyle is perfect for reminding Virgos to relax and unwind, showing their gentler personality traits in a beautiful summertime braid style.

3. Elegant Bun


Elegant bun style using only the PONY-O and Bun Bar 🍩 give it a try and tag us☺️##UltaSkinTok ##bunbar ##bunhairstyle ##trending ##viral

♬ BARELY BREATHING - Grant Averill

 Nothing says “this woman means business” like a perfect donut bun! It’s cute, classic, and it’ll keep those locks neat and tidy all day long. Just add a BUN BAR to your PONY-O collection for the bun hairstyle of your dreams:

4. Low Ponytail

Looking for something simpler and quicker for everyday life? The low ponytail is making a trendy comeback, and it’s a great way to keep your hair pulled back in an easygoing, elegant way.

5. One-Handed Quick Bun 


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♬ April (No Vocals) - The Young Ebenezers

 Here’s a great one for the Virgo on-the-go! You can do this hairstyle one-handed (seriously!), and all it takes is a PONY-O and one PIN to secure it. 

Ready to Celebrate Virgo season?

If you’re a Virgo, take these hairstyles as an opportunity to try something new and embrace your more creative, playful side. It’s okay to take a little time for yourself each morning before jumping into your projects and tasks for the day. 

With PONY-O, it hardly takes any time at all to put together a hairstyle that will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on anything that comes your way!

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