PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Take the Challenge, 31 Days of Good Hair

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Take the Challenge, 31 Days of Good Hair

Having a signature hairstyle is cool. But, if you just feel like you’re stuck in a hair rut, take this list as inspiration. You really can have 31 days of good hair — a new style every single day — using PONY-O, BUN BARZ, BLING RINGZ and PINZ

You don’t have to be a professional hair stylist to try any of these looks. Using our non-damaging hair accessories, you can brush hair up into a sleek ponytail, hold it up in a messy bun or twist it up for a more formal occasion.

But first, you’ll need one or more of our revolutionary hair accessories. And trust us — it’s worth it. 

What is PONY-O?

PONY-O is especially great for creating the perfect, fuller-looking ponytail. It’s a malleable metal circle that’s coated in soft silicone and bends to hold your hair in place. Compared to regular elastics, PONY-O doesn’t cause any friction when you put it in your hair, and it doesn’t pull tightly on the hair follicle — it’s totally non-damaging. PONY-O will hold your hair up all day long, however, it’s so gentle, you may forget you’re wearing it.

PONY-O comes in neutral colors to match your own hair color, as well as bold designs. It also comes in a few different sizes: There’s an XL size for girls with thicker hair, and a PONY-O 2.0 for girls with really fine hair. 

What are BUN BARZ?

BUN BARZ can help you get the perfect salon-worthy bun. After you’ve put hair up with a PONY-O, slide the BUN BARZ up your ponytail, roll it down toward your hair, overlap the ends to make a circle, and gently slide your hair around the BUN BARZ. Be sure to give it a good squeeze to mold it into a circle shape — and that’s it. It’s so easy!

BUN BARZ comes in eight neutral colors to match your hair so it’s completely hidden. No one will even know how little effort it took you to put your hair up. 


If you want to accessorize your ponytail, BLING RINGZ are meant to be worn over your PONY-O. They add an extra pop of style, from white pearls to rose gold metals. 

What are PINZ?

And finally, PINZ are meant to accessorize your bun, ponytail or any other updo. They’re beautiful crystal hair pins and they come in several colors. Keep in mind, they won’t hold hair up on their own, but they look great nestled into any hairstyle. 

Try one or more of our non-damaging hair accessories this month with a new hairstyle each day. You never know, you may find your new favorite look (or a few!). 

Day 1: High Ponytail



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Kick off the month with a chic high ponytail to keep hair back and out of the way. If Ariana Grande can do it, so can you, girl! Get yourself a PONY-O and you’re well on your way to a voluminous, glam pony.

Day 2: Accessorized Braided Low Ponytail  

You’ll need a few PONY-Os and BLING RINGZ for this hairstyle, depending on the length of your hair. First, pull hair back into a low ponytail and secure with a PONY-O or a PONY-O 2.0. Then, loosely braid hair for at least two inches, and secure it with another PONY-O. You can then gently tug at the hair to loosen up the braid. Repeat until you reach the tail end of your ponytail. Then, accessorize your PONY-Os with your chosen BLING RINGZ! 

Day 3: High Ballerina Bun


A sleek bun with tons of volume never goes out of style! First, brush hair back into a high ponytail and secure it with a PONY-O 2.0. Then, clamp hair between the BUN BARZ and slide it up your ponytail until you reach about halfway or just before your shortest layer. Then, holding the BUN BARZ like bicycle handlebars, roll hair up toward the base of your ponytail. Once there, bend your BUN BARZ into a circle shape and give it a good squeeze. Move hair around the BUN BARZ to create a full bun.

Day 4: Butterfly Twist Braid



You can get this romantic and fun look in just a few steps using a classic PONY-O and a PONY-O 2.0. First, brush hair back into a half up ponytail, and secure the PONY-O 2.0 about an inch from your head. Then, make a space between your head and the PONY-O 2.0 and flip your ponytail through it to create the twist. Next, brush all of your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a PONY-O, and repeat the twisting step. You can twist your hair once or twice for your desired look.

Day 5: Low Bubble Bun with Crossover



Not everyday calls for a slick bun, but a bubble bun will still keep your hair off your back. Brush hair into a low ponytail, but leave out two small sections of hair in the front by your face. When you feed your hair through your PONY-O, stop when you’re about half-way, and secure it — this will create the bubble bun. Next, wrap the tail end of your ponytail around the PONY-O and tuck the ends in. Then, pull one of the front pieces back to wrap it around your bun and tuck it into the PONY-O, and repeat with the remaining hair on the other side.

Day 6: Half Up Ponytail

Gather the top part of your hair into a ponytail for a half up, half down look. It’s great if you want to wear your hair down, but also want it directly out of your face. Pro tip: Since you’re using less hair in this ponytail, you could use a PONY-O 2.0.

Day 7: Infinity Bun



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♬ All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor


Here’s a different take on the bun — a little messier, but just as chic. After you clamp your hair between the BUN BARZ, wrap your ponytail around it on the right, then on the left, and repeat. (Check out the video to see how it’s done.) Once your hair is wrapped, bend the BUN BARZ into a circle and gently move your hair around it.

Day 8: Braided Bangs and a High Ponytail


French braid your bangs (or if you don’t have bangs, the front pieces of your hair) until you reach the crown of your head. Then, gather the rest of your hair up into a ponytail and secure with a PONY-O. You can gently tug on the braid to loosen it up if you want too! 

Day 9: Low Ponytail 

Sometimes, you just need to part your hair down the middle, put it in a low ponytail, and put on a pair of big sparkly earrings to feel glam. And, that’s just what you should do today! 

Day 10: Space Buns



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Don’t knock the space buns until you try them! Put your hair up into two high pigtails and secure each with a PONY-O or PONY-O 2.0 Then, twist one pigtail and wrap it around the PONY-O to make a bun. You can tuck the ends of the hair into the PONY-O and repeat on the other side. See? You look fabulous. Decorate your space buns with BLING RINGZ for added flair. 

Day 11: Half Up Bun 



How to: half up bun using only PONY-O accessories🤗 #ponyo #halfuphairstyle #easy #tutorial

♬ my hair - Ariana Grande


You know the half up ponytail? Well, this is like that, except you can create a bun with your top ponytail using BUN BARZ or by twisting and wrapping your hair around the PONY-O. 

Day 12: Twisted Ponytail 


Not in the mood for a simple ponytail? No problem. Add a twist — literally. Brush hair into a low ponytail and secure your PONY-O about an inch from your head. Divide the hair between your PONY-O and your head, and feed your ponytail through to create a twisted look.

Day 13: Dutch Braided Bow Bun 



Alright, this updo is a little more advanced, but you can do it. We believe in you. First, section off the front part of your hair and secure it with a PONY-O or a clip — we’ll come back for it. Then, with the rest of your hair, put it into an infinity bun or bow bun using BUN BARZ. Finally, go back to the top part of your hair that you set aside and French braid it down the back of your head, and tuck the ends into the bun. If your hair is really long, you may have to wrap it around the bun first before tucking it in. See? That was easy!

Day 14: Low Bun 

Give yourself the day off and brush hair back into a simple, yet stunning low bun using BUN BARZ. Hair will be out of the way, off your face and back, in just a few minutes. Although, the style will look like it took you ages. Shh! We won’t tell.

Day 15: Braided Pigtails 


Once you learn to braid, you can braid any part of your hair from top to bottom. Braided pigtails are great for any casual occasion, and we especially like them a little looser and messier. The trick is, once you’ve secured the ends with PONY-O, gently tug at the hair in the braid to loosen it up. 

Day 16: Easy Cheater Braid Side Ponytail  



If braiding is not your forte, fake it until you make it. Brush your hair into a low side ponytail and secure a PONY-O about an inch from your head. Then, part your hair above the PONY-O and feed your ponytail through to create a twist. Secure another PONY-O about an inch or two up the ponytail and repeat these steps. The twisting will look like a braid, and you can twist more than once if you want before securing with the next PONY-O. 

Day 17: Top Knot 

A top knot is basically a slightly messier, smaller bun than if you were to use BUN BARZ. But, it looks great paired with our BLING RINGZ or PINZ. First, brush hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a PONY-O 2.0. Then, twist hair and wrap it around your PONY-O to create a bun, and tuck the ends in when you’re done. Accessorize it with BLING RINGZ or PINZ — you can’t go wrong. 

Day 18: Bubble Bun with BUN PINZ

Give your bun a little more attention with BUN PINZ. First, brush hair into a low ponytail and create a bubble bun using a PONY-O. Then, wrap the ends around the PONY-O and tuck them in. Stick one or more BUN PINZ into the top of your ‘do for a little pop of color.

Day 19: Half Up Pigtails 



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♬ Scream & Shout - will.i.am


Love the ‘90s and its hairstyles? Try these half up pigtails from the decade. Just create two even sections of hair on the top of your head, and use two PONY-Os to make pigtails. 

Day 20: Champagne Twist Ponytail 



Pull hair back into a high ponytail and before securing it with your PONY-O, twist the ponytail. Then, twist the ponytail into a bun, leaving out a majority of your ends. Secure your PONY-O at the base of the bun and gently pull your hair around the PONY-O to cover it. 

Day 21: Heatless Wavy Updo

If you have straight hair, there are a few ways you can add waves and curls without using any heat. Once your hair has that beachy texture, brush it up into a half up, half down wavy ‘do. 

Day 22: Heart Space Buns 



Stand out today with heart-shaped space buns! It’s easy when you use BUN BARZ. First, part your hair down the middle to create two even sections. Then, clamp one section of hair between the BUN BARZ and roll hair up like you were creating a regular ballerina bun. But, instead of bending the BUN BARZ down into a circle, bend it upwards to create a heart shape. Move your hair around the BUN BARZ to finish it off, and repeat on the other side.

Day 23: Side Braided Ponytail 

This style will make you look like bonafide royalty. French braid one side of your hair until you reach the nape of your neck or just below one ear. Then, gather the rest of your hair with the braid to make a ponytail. You can gently tug at the braid to loosen it up and make it more voluminous.

Day 24: French Twist 



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♬ SAY YEAH - Jack & Charly

 Going somewhere? You should, just to show off this French twist! First, brush hair back into a ponytail and secure with a PONY-O about one to two inches from your head. Then, slightly part the hair on the side between the PONY-O and your head and tuck your ponytail in.  

Day 25: Infinity Space Buns 



Infinity space buns INSTANTLY 🤯 #spacebuns #fyi #easyhairstyle #hairtok

♬ Blow Your Mind (Mwahchallenge) - Dua Lipa


If you can do an infinity bun, you can do two. Part hair down the middle to create two pigtails, and using BUN BARZ, wrap up your hair into two chic, low infinity buns. 

Day 26: Fauxhawk Bun  


This is pretty much the simpler version of the Dutch Braided Bow Bun from Day 13. Except, instead of creating a bow or infinity bun at the end of your French braid, you can create a tighter ballerina bun at the nap of your neck. 

Day 27: Bun Ponytail 

Wrapping your hair around your PONY-O is easy, and creating a full bun around it is… actually just as easy. Here’s how it works: Part your hair into two top and bottom sections. On the bottom, put your hair into a ponytail with PONY-O. Then, with the top half, create a bun with BUN BARZ, but when you bend it to create your bun, just bend it around your PONY-O. 

Day 28: French Braided Low Ponytail 



French braiding your hair is a surefire way to keep shorter layers tucked away from your face. But, you don’t have to braid it all the way down your back. Try this French braided ponytail that starts off as a braid, and once it hits the nape of your neck, turns into a voluminous ponytail. 

Day 29: Low Bubble Space Buns 



Easy #spacebun style done in seconds with PONY-O! #hairstyle #hairtutorials #easyhairtutorials #viral

♬ Not Your Barbie Girl - Ava Max


There are a lot of different ways to do space buns. This look puts two bubble buns on either side of your head, and you can wrap the tail ends of your hair around your PONY-Os for a more finished look. It only takes seconds to do.

Day 30: Knotted Scarf Bun 



This may be the most advanced hairdo on this list, but if you’ve been following along, you’ve been creating amazing looks for 29 days now! So, we’re confident you can do it. 

First, brush hair back into a ponytail with PONY-O. Next, underneath your ponytail, feed a small scarf through your hair, so the scarf sticks out on either side. Then, part your ponytail into two sections, and with one side of the scarf with each section, tie your hair into a large knot. Repeat this step as many times as you need to (it will depend on the length of your hair), and then tie your scarf ends under your bun. And, voila! 

Day 31: Double Bow Bun 



Celebrate the last day of this good hair challenge with an updo that you can wear to a wedding, to work, or just because. You’ll create two infinity or bow buns using two BUN BARZ, one with the top half of your hair and the other with the bottom half. 

Keep Up the Good Hair!

You did it! You reached the end of the 31 days of good hair challenge. Maybe you found your new signature style or an easy updo for a special event. But, if you want to keep the good hair going, you can repeat this challenge or rotate a few of your favorite styles. All you need is a PONY-O, BUN BARZ, BLING RINGZ or PINZ to create your own fabulous looks at home. 

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